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Walk around Crete in 50 days - Day 36 from Fournados to Kissamos

Platanos to KissamosSteps 13827
Burned calories 521
Distance 10,5 km
Walking hours 01h 56'
Pulse at arrival 76
Weather: Sunny, sometimes cloudy. North wind and cold. Average 14C


Woke up at 07.30. Prepared myself a coffee and left Annie at about 08.30 after a long and good sleep. She was already busy with some workers, helping her in the garden. It is still a bit windy, 16C and cloudy. Since I found the problem on my left foot (a piece of the nail was growing into the skin of a tow) in Profitis Ilias, and I took care of it (painful !), I am walking much better.. Finally.

09.15 I am at the fishing harbor of Kavonisio and walking on the main road again.. Scary... Especially to cross it at the level of the Agios Prodromos church, built in a cave.

09.45 Arrival at Kasteli Kissamos. 22C now and nearly no wind. When I enter the center at 10.00 I take my breakfast at "Xirouhakis" restaurant / taverna, in Kissamos since 1968. Friendly welcome. I order "omeletta" (what else ?) and bread with marmalade, together with a good coffee. Kasteli is a "city", big place with a lot of activity.. Everywhere friendly people.

While looking for an internet cafe, I got a call from Despina, working at the office of Stuart Simon. Stuart arranged the overnight for me in Drapanias and Kolimbari. She said that I could stay in Stuart's place at Kasteli and would give me a lift to the start of the walk in Kolimbari, from where she will bring me back after tomorrows walk.. So I change plans a bit. Today I stay in Kasteli. Tomorrow I'll walk to Kolimbari, passing and staying a while in Drapianas.

The day after tomorrow, Despina will bring me to Kolimbari from where I will continue to Platanias. Very good arrangement, giving me time to explore Kasteli a bit.. Doing so I discover an old Venetian well (1510), still working... Many old Venetian houses, each of them with a huge palm tree in the small front garden... Despina brings me to my overnight place to leave my backpack and drives me back to the internet cafe... What a service ! All reports are sent now...

Well, it is 14.00 and the cafe closes... I'll be back for the rest of the reports after 17.30.. No problem.

I walked around a bit and drank my "elleniko sketto" in taverna "Petra". Tonight I'll have a local meal in a very nice town at the border of the Aegean sea...

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