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West of Koules runs the western coast road of Heraklion, Sofokli Venizelou Avenue. Right on the sea wall is a pedestrian area with a wonderful view of the sea, where you can enjoy a pleasant stroll. The locals call it the Bedenaki, meaning "Little Wall".

Across the road are lots of fish tavernas, with their tables set out on the pedestrian area, offering meals or mezedes (tidbits) accompanying ouzo or wine to locals and visitors.

aerial photo coastal road of heraklion

Dominican Church of Saints Peter and Paul

Continuing west along the coast road, on your left you will see the ruins of the monastery basilica of the Dominican order, the church of Peter and Paul. When it was built in the 13th century, during the Venetian period, it was one of the most important churches of Heraklion.

The remains you see today are those of the second church, built on the site of the original building after it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1508. During the period of Turkish rule this church, too, was converted into a mosque, the Sultan Ibrahim Mosque. It is currently being restored by the Archaeological Service.

Square of the Historical Museum

neoclassical building in heraklion coast road
Neoclassical building in Heraklion coast road

On the seaside pavement is a municipal café, while opposite is the square of the Historical Museum, with tavernas serving delicious food.

Right next to the square is the lovely Neoclassical building which houses the Historical Museum of Crete.

The coast road to the Pancretan Olympic Stadium

The coast road continues west to the Pancretan Olympic Stadium, a 28,000-seater sports stadium built for the 2004 Olympics. Apart from sporting events, the stadium is also used for music concerts in the summer.

A short distance from the Historical Museum is the old Electricity Station, which has recently been recently restored and now houses the Natural History Museum, well worth a visit.

New nightclubs and cafeterias are constantly opening along the coast road, forming a major part of the Heraklion nightlife scene.

Approximately 700 metres west of the natural History Museum is the Talos Shopping Centre, with shops, cafés and a multiplex cinema.

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