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Crete is an island with an exquisite 1,000 kilometer-long coastline dotted with numerous coves, bays and peninsulas, which afford a multitude of soft, sandy beaches along the beautifully blue Mediterranean Sea. After all, it's among the finest in the world and has established Crete as one of Europe's most popular holiday destinations. And, of course, the island's historic importance in today's world as the home of the Minoan civilization with important archeological finds at Knossos, Phaistos and Gortys, is evidenced by the tens of thousands of visitors to these sites each year.

However, Crete is the largest island in Greece - the fifth largest in the Mediterranean - and, within its diverse area of more than 8,000 square kilometers, there are many other jewels just waiting to be discovered by the more adventurous explorers of holiday treasures.

If you haven’t visited Crete yet, this summer may be the time to come and discover this fascinating Greek island. If it captures your heart, don’t worry. Come back next year and Crete will welcome you once more with its smiling Cretan sun, the sounds of the Cretan lyre, the scents of orange blossom and jasmine, a slice of cool red watermelon and a glass of iced raki.

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crete practical information Practical information and interesting information, quick answers to common questions about Crete
crete road distances Road distances, distances between towns in Crete
prices in crete , euro Prices in Crete, prices of common products and services in Crete
taxi fares in crete Taxi fares in Crete from the Chania and Heraklion airports to various towns in Crete
knossos Knossos and Phaistos detailed tours of the famous Minoan Palaces
gortyn , gortys Gortys or Gortyn, the capital of Crete in Roman times
samaria gorge village Samaria Gorge, hiking in the longest gorge in Europe
olive tree, history of olive tree Olive Tree and Olive Oil, history of the Olive Tree and the Olive Oil, health benefits of the olive oil, the olive harvest in Crete, Olive Oil Soap made in Crete
mantinades crete Mantinades in Crete, Cretans speak in Mantinades
battle of Crete The Battle of Crete, the chronicle of the battle that changed the course of World War 2
greek gyros Greek Gyros and Souvlaki, the tasty Greek fast food
still life in crete, book about living in crete Still life in Crete, a book about living in Crete
crete sky Stars and planets in the sky of Crete

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agia pelagia Agia Pelagia, holidays in a beautiful bay with always calm sea
Agios Nikolaos, Lassithi Agios Nikolaos, the capital town of the Lassithi Prefecture in east Crete
analipsis or analipsis hersonissou Analipsis, also known as Analipsis Hersonissou
anissaras east crete Anissaras, the hilly area with the large hotels near Hersonissos
elounda Elounda, the internationally famous upscale summer resort in east Crete
El Greco was born in Fodele Crete Fodele, the birthplace of the famous Cretan painter El Greco
gournes in east crete Gournes, small village near Heraklion
gouves Gouves, includes the smaller villages Kato Gouves and Pano Gouves.
heraklion and koules fortress HERAKLION, the largest city in Crete, home of the Heraklion Museum and the Knossos Palace
hersonissos Hersonissos, the synonym of tourism in Crete
ierapetra south crete Ierapetra, read all about the town of Ierapetra, with the highest temperatures in Crete
kalamaki Kalamaki, a small village with a long, sandy beach in south Crete
kamilari south crete Kamilari, a beautiful traditional village in southern Crete
kokkini hani Kokkini Hani, east of Heraklion
koutouloufari Koutouloufari, traditional village in Crete near Hersoniissos and PIskopiano
kritsa crete Kritsa, a traditional mountain village near Agios Nikolaos
windmill in lassithi plateau Lassithi Plateau, the plateau of the windmills and the Dikteon Andron cave
lentas Lentas, where the hippies still enjoy the beauty of southern Crete
makry gialos Makry Gialos, seaside resort in southeast Crete
malia bars and nightlife Malia, mostly known for its nightlife, although Malia has a lot more to offer to its visitors
matala Matala, the town which became famous for its caves
old cretan house in milatos Milatos and the Milatos cave
mirtos Mirtos, one of the most picturesque towns in southern Crete
piskopiano Piskopiano, traditional village in Crete between Ano Hersonissos and Koutouloufari
old hersonissos Old Hersonissos, read the article and enjoy the pictures from the traditional village of Old Hersonissos
sissi Sissi, the town of Sissi with its picturesque harbour is ideal for relaxed holidays in Crete
sitia Sitia, the small but charming town of Sitia or Siteia in east Crete
spinalonga Spinalonga island and its fortress, one of the main attractions in Crete
stalis beach Stalis, the popular tourist resort of Stalis or Stalida in Crete
vai palm tree in crete Vai, the palm forest of Vai in Crete
vrahassi, a traditional village in crete Vrahassi, a traditional village in east Crete
agia galini Agia Galini means Holy Peace and it is a beautiful seaside village in South Crete
agia roumeli Agia Roumeli, the coastal town at the mouth of Samaria gorge
almyrida, chania crete Almyrida, beautiful beaches for quiet vacations near Chania
balos gramvoussa Balos, the lagoon of Balos on Cape Gramvoussa is a must-visit in Crete
chania CHANIA, the city of Chania, its history and a detailed guide to the old town of Chania
elafonissi crete Elafonissi, the famous Elafonissi with its lagoon and pink-sand beach
falassarna Falassarna an endless beach in western Crete
frangokastello Frangokastello, the coastal town of Frangokastello with the Drosoulites ghosts
georgioupolis, crete Georgioupolis,a great beach, entertainment and attractions offer beautiful Georgioupolis between Chania and Rethymnon
hora sfakion or sfakia in south crete Hora Sfakion or Sfakia, the capital of the Sfakia area in south-west Crete
καλύβες στην κρήτη Kalyves, beautiful beaches at the traditional area of Apokoronas near Chania
kissamos kastelli crete Kissamos or Kastelli, the town of Kissamos in west Crete
kournas lake

Kournas Lake, a beautiful lake suitable for swimming, pedalo and good food

koustogerako west crete Koustogerako, a small mountain village in the south of Chania Prefecture
lissos west crete Lissos, an ancient city known for its famous Temple of Asklepios
loutro bay Loutro, a different town in southern Crete
paleochora Paleochora, located south of Chania in south-western Crete
plaka in chania Plaka, the most beautiful sunsets in the area of Apokoronas
plakias western crete Plakias in south-western Crete
platanias west crete Platanias, holidays in Platanias with sun, sea and endless nights in bars
rethymnon RETHYMNON, sightseeing in the old town of Rethymnon
sougia Sougia, a small seaside village in south Crete
zoniana cave Zoniana, a small town on Mt Ida, famous for the magnificent Zoniana cave

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