Beaches in Hersonissos, Crete

Hersonissos Beach Guide

map beaches hersonissos

Map with all beaches in Hersonissos area

1. West Beach in Hersonissos

hersonissos beach


Not a beach actually but a small flat concrete area on the rocks west of Hersonissos.
This spot is good for snorkelling.

2. Naturists Beach in Hersonissos

naturism beach in hersonissos

The Naturists Beach in Hersonissos is actually a big flat rock plate with some sand.
Don’t expect much privacy here as the beach is exposed to passers-by.
Unfortunately this is the only clothing optional beach in the entire area.
No facilities available.

3. Limanakia beaches

limanakia hersonissos beach

Limanakia are various sandy beaches one after the other.
Some are really small but the last one is more spacious.

4. Beaches in Hersonissos Port

beaches in hersonissos port

Beach West of the Port

The sandy beach west of the port is the largest beach in Hersonissos. It extends till the Kreta Maris Hotel and it is always crowded. It is more exposed to the wind than the previous beaches. All facilities and watersports are available here.

Beach East of the Port

The beach east of the port starts in front of the New York Bar and it stretches to the east of the town. It is equally crowded.

5. Silva Maris Hotel Beach

silva maris hotel beach


Various tiny beaches at the Silva Maris Hotel area in Hersonissos. The waves cover the beach totally during the windy days. No watersports here.

6. Star Beach

star beach in hersonissos

The beach of the Star Beach waterpark, a nice sandy beach.
If you get bored of sunbathing you can always go bunjee-jumping.
More about Star Beach

7. Smaller Beaches

hersonissos beach

There are several more smaller pebbly beaches past the Lychnostatis Museum, east of Hersonissos. The photo shows one of them, which used to be a nice sandy beach in the past but in the beginning of the summer in 2004 the sand had disappeared. This happens occasionally due to the winter storms and it is not unlikely that another storm in the following winter will bring the sand back.

8. Nana Beach Hotel

nana beach hotel
hotel nana beach

The beach of Nana Beach Hotel is a sandy beach protected from the wind.
The prices of sunbeds and umbrellas are much higher than average on this beach. Watersports are also available.

Nana Hotel 2nd beach

Next to the main beach of Hotel Nana, there is a smaller beach, which is also sandy but the seabed is full of slippery rocks and the water temperature is unusually low. The reason is the existing fresh water springs.
If you want to drive to the Hotel Nana beach, then drive past Hersonissos, follow the signs to Lichnostatis Museum and keep driving past it. A few meteres before the Nana Beach Hotel there is a narrow concrete road leading to a tavern. Take this road and drive past the tavern to the beach.

9. Stalis Beach near Hersonissos

stalis beach

When you have checked all the above beaches, then the excellent beach of Stalis (or Stalida) is very close to Hersonissos and easily accessible by public bus or taxi.
Pictures of Stalis beaches

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