Beaches in Chania or Hania

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Chania Beach Map

chania hania beaches map

Check the number in the name of each beach to locate it on the map of the Chania region.

Beaches on the West Coast of Chania

1. Elafonissi beach

elafonissi beach

Elafonissi beach is one of the prettiest beaches in the west coast of Crete and equally famous with Vai palm-forest beach. Pinkish sand, very shallow water and really crowded till 16:00 when the tourist buses depart. This is the time to enjoy the beach of Elafonissi. Wait till the sunset and have your camera loaded and ready.

Photos of Elafonissi

2. Afratolakkoi beach

afratolakkoi beach

Afratolakkoi is a scenic bay with a beach with big pebbles on the west coast of Chania. It is a place unaffected by tourism but the beach is not great for swimming.

3. Sfinari beach

sfinari beach

Sfinari is a beach with pebbles and some tamarisk trees. Good for snorkelling.

sfinari beach in north

There is a long, secluded beach several km north of Sfinari. You will have to follow a dirt track down to the beach. It looks like a nice spot for camping.

4. Falassarna beach

falassarna beach

Falassarna beach is a long sandy beach with wonderful sunsets. It has been voted for “Best Beach of Greece”. There are several beaches in the Falassarna bay:

  • small sandy beaches close to the ancient Falassarna town (north)
  • the “Long Beach” or “Pachia Ammos”, which is the famous long and wide sandy beach of Falassarna
  • another sandy beach with a rocky seabed (south). No facilities here
  • a small pebbly beach close to the port of Falassarna (south). There are rooms and taverns. No sunbeds and umbrellas.

5. Balos Lagoon beach

balos beach

Balos Lagoon is one of the best beaches all over Greece. White-pinkish sand and broken sea-shells. The water in the lagoon is very shallow and warm but the seabed is muddy and sometimes there is a bad odour. There is a primitive cafe here if you fancy a cold frapé coffee or a beer. People occasionally camp here but there are no trees and no shade. Unfortunately, there is a very bad tar problem, so be careful of where you step. You may also swim out of the lagoon. The water is deep, crystal-clear, much colder and good for snorkelling.

You may access the beach:

  • on foot from Kalyvianni village in 3 hours.
  • follow the dirt road from kalyvianni village to the parking place and then walk for 15 minutes. The condition of the road is not good and it may prove a serious problem for some cars.
  • by boat from Kissamos. The boat departs at 09:30 and returns at 16:00. It is the most convenient solution and you will also visit the Gramvoussa Venetian fortress at the island of Imeri Gramvoussa. The disadvantage is that you will miss the incredible view of the Lagoon from the parking place, unless you climb the steps for 15 minutes.

Pictures of Balos Lagoon

Beaches on the North Coast of Chania

chania hania beaches map

6. Kissamos beach

Vrahakia beach in kissamos

The beach of Kissamos is quite long and divided into several smaller beaches, each with its own character. In the west side of the town of Kissamos there is the excellent beach “Mavros Molos”, but you will find more beautiful beaches east and west of Kissamos.

Beaches in Kissamos

7. Ravdoucha beach

ravdoucha beach

Ravdoucha is a quiet beach with pebbles and tamarisk trees. The rocky seabed is good for snorkelling. Ravdoucha is the place to look for tasty fresh fish.

8. Menies beach

diktynna beach - menies beach

Menies or Diktinna (Diktynna) is a remote beach with pebbles. The ruins of a temple of goddess Artemis are here. If you want to get to Menies beach you will need a 4WD car, as the 23 km dirt track is in a very bad condition.

9. Afrata beach

afrata beach

Afrata beach is a tiny sandy cove with a cantine. You will drive here from Kolibari on a narrow, winding road. Scenic drive in an area unpoiled from tourism.

10. Kolibari beach

kolimpari beach

Kolibari beach is pebbly.

11. Tavronitis beach

tavronitis beach

Tavronitis is a beach with shingle and pebbles.

12. Maleme and Gerani beach

gerani beach - maleme beach

The beach at Gerani is organised but the beach of Maleme is less developed and there are areas with no facilities.

NOTE: There where the boat appears in the photo, there is the wreck of a german airplane from World War 2.

13. Platanias beach

platanias beach

Platanias is a sandy beach packed with people in July and August.

Beach in Platanias

14. Agia Marina beach

agia marina beach

Agia Marina beach is a long sandy beach. There are several beach bars here and they attract a lot of people. Be careful when the sea gets rough and follow the instructions of the lifesavers.

15. Kalamaki beach

kalamaki beach

The sandy beaches of Kalamaki beach in Stalos area and Glaros.

16. Agioi Apostoloi

agioi apostoloi beach

Agioi Apostoloi Beach, three sandy coves 7 km west of Chania

17. Chania City beaches

chania beaches

Chania city beaches. There are two beaches within the city of Chania: Nea Hora sandy beach and another one east of the Venetian Walls, which is not recommended due to the apparent pollution.

18. Souda beaches

kalathas beach in souda

Beaches on Souda peninsula: Kalathas beach and Tersanas beach are on the west side of the Souda peninsula, south of Stavros beach.

19. Stavros beach

stavros beach

Stavros beach is located on the north-west coast of Souda (Akrotiri) peninsula. Stavros beach is a sandy beach inside a protected bay. The famous movie “Zorba the Greek” was filmed at Stavros.

20. Marathi beaches

marathi beach

All of them are fine sandy beaches preferred by the locals. The water is shallow and suitable for small children.

21. Kalives and Almirida beaches

kalives beach

Kalives beach: a sandy beach less crowded than the beach inside Kalives.

almirida beach

Almirida beach and Plaka are nice sandy beaches worth a visit.

22. Omprogialos beach


Omprogialos beach is not a real beach but a concrete platform in front of a tavern with fresh fish. One of the most remote places tourists will ever visit in Crete.

23. Georgioupolis beach

kalivaki beach georgioupolis

Kalivaki beach is a fine sandy beach west of the Georgioupolis river. This beach is probably better protected from the wind than the beach to the east of the river.

georgioupolis beach

Georgioupolis beach extends for several km to the east of the river and there are many beach bars and restaurants all along it.

river perastikos in georgioupolis

When you feel that you had enough sun for the day, then try to locate the Perastikos beach and the restaurant built by the Perastikos river. It is a shady place with lush green and enjoying a beer there is a reviving experience. The Perastikos beach is about 700 meters east of Georgioupolis.

Beaches on the South Coast of Chania

chania hania beaches map

24. Paleochora beaches

krios beach paleochora

Krios is a pebbly beach. Koundoura beach has big pebbles and stones, not really attractive.

grammeno beach paleochora

Grammeno beach has a main sandy beach and an area covered by cedar trees, where a couple of small coves exist.

paleochora beach

Pachia Ammos is the main beach in Paleochora, a fine sandy beach packed with people in August. If you walk along the beach to its west end, there is a small part of it used by naturists.

Read a detailed guide to all the beaches of Paleochora

25. Lissos beach

lissos beach

Lissos is an archaeological site and you may access it on foot from Sougia within 2 hours. If you want to avoid the strenuous hike back to Sougia, then take the boat. The beach is not enough reason to visit the place, but the antiquities and the pleasant hike are.

26. Sougia beach

sougia beach

Sougia beach is the former paradise for campers. People still camp under the tamarisk trees but things are not what it used to be. The beach is long and pebbly and its eastern part is for naturists. It is also a great place for snorkelling.

27. Agia Roumeli beach

agia roumeli beach

Agia Roumeli is a fine beach with dark pebbles. The Agia Roumeli village is at the exit of the Samaria Gorge and a dive into the cool water is reviving after the long hike.

Your first impression of Agia Roumeli is that of a crowded tourist place but it will be totally different when the Samaria hikers will take the last ferry to Sfakia. The village will be beautifully quiet and you will realise that there are many reasons to explore the place. A stay here is recommended, especially during the less busy months.

28. Agios Pavlos beach

agios pavlos beach

Agios Pavlos is a long beach with pebbles and deep, clear water. It is not easy to get there but, once you do, you will be able to find a spot where you will be absolutely alone.

Close to Agia Roumeli there is a small tavern with sunbeds and umbrellas.

You may access the beach on foot from Loutro (3-4 hours) or from Agia Roumeli (1-2 hours).

29. Phoenix beach

maramara beach

The beaches at Phoenix, Likos and Marmara are small beaches with pebbles and rocky seabed, good for snorkelling. They can all be accessed on foot from Loutro (Phoenix 30 min, Likos 45 min, Marmara 1 hour 15 min).

There is also a boat from Loutro to Marmara. There is no hotel at Marmara, just a restaurant. Marmara may become crowded in July / August.

The Marmara beach is the exit of the Aradaina gorge and walking the final part of it is very easy and pleasant.

30. Loutro beach

loutro beach

Loutro is the tiny pebble beach of Loutro village. The sea is always calm and the water is crystal-clear. Great for snorkelling but be careful of the many boats and speedboats, especially in August. Read more about Loutro.

31. Glyka Nera beach

glyka nera beach

Glyka Nera (fresh water) beach is an excellent beach with pebbles, fresh water that comes out of the ground, no shade and a small canteen where you can have a cold drink, something to eat and rent an umbrella for the sun. This is one of the best beaches for naturists. You may access the beach:

  • on foot from Sfakia but someone has to show you where the path begins. Walking time 30 minutes.
  • on foot from Loutro. It will take you about 1 hour. Have plenty of water with you as it can be very hot. People with vertigo should not attempt this hike.
  • by boat from Loutro. The boat departs at 10:00 and returns at 16:00

32. Ilingas beach

ilingas beach

Keep driving past Sfakia (Chora Sfakion) town; in less than 5 minutes you will see the sign for Ilingas Hotel. Park there and walk to the excellent pebbly beach with the big cave.

33. Chora Sfakion beach

sfakia beach chora sfakion

The beach at Chora Sfakion town. A pebbly beach accessible from inside the town.

34. Vritomartis beach

vritomartis beach

The pebbly beach of Vritomartis Naturists Resort. Drive to the hotel and follow the dirt track leading to the beach.

35. Filaki beach

filaki beach in chania

Filaki beach is a beach for naturists with pebbles and stones. Drive to Vritomartys Hotel and then turn left.

36. Frangokastello beach

frangokastello beach

The sandy beach in front of the Frangokastello castle. The sea is very shallow and it is ideal for little children. The pebbly beach to the west offers a rocky seabed, excellent for snorkeling.

frangocastello beach orthi

The “Orthi Ammos” sandy beach is 10 min on foot east of the castle. An excellent beach with big sand-dunes and crystal-clear water. Since you will have to walk on the sand dunes to get to the beach, it is wise to remember that sand gets burning hot after noon. Proper shoes are required. The eastern part of this long beach is clothing optional occasionally.

Things change all the time, so your assistance in keeping this beach report up-to-date is valuable. If you want to add a beach or suggest a correction, please contact us.

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