Beaches in Lassithi Crete

Map of all Beaches in Lassithi Region

lassithi map beaches

Check the number next to each beach to locate it on the map of Lassithi Prefecture.

Beaches on the North Coast of Lassithi Region

1. Sissi beach

Sissi Harbour beach

limani beach in sissi


A small sandy beach next to the fishing harbour in the town of Sissi.

Boufos beach

Sissi boufos beach

Boufos beach is a small sandy beach with big waves, a couple of km east of Sissi.

Avlaki beach

Avlaki beach is an unattractive cove with big pebbles, that can be used to access – on foot – the nearby excellent sandy beach of the “Kalimera Kriti” hotel

hotel Kalimera Kriti beach

Hotel “Kalimera Kriti” beach


The beach of the Hotel Kalimera Kriti is an excellent sandy beach, protected from the north winds.
Walk for 5 minutes on the path leading from Avlaki beach to “Kalimera Kriti” beach.

2. Milatos beach

milatos beach


A small sandy beach within the fishing port of Milatos.

There is another beach with big pebbles east of the fish taverns, which is exposed to North winds.

Minos Imperial Hotel beach

minos imperial beach


The best beach is west of Milatos and it is a sandy beach inside the Minos Imperial Hotel. A dirt track leads from Milatos to the above hotel.

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3. Vlichadia beach

A pebbly beach that few people will ever visit. Not that they will miss much if they don’t…

4. Plaka beach

plaka beach

North Plaka beach


The northern beach in Plaka is a pebbly beach with tamarisk trees and a great view of Spinalonga island. This is the best beach in Plaka village.

South Plaka beach

The southern beach is another pebbly beach, almost deserted.

5. Driros beach

driros beach between elounda and plaka


Driros is a beach with sand and shingle and lots of tamarisk trees. It is one of the best beaches in Elounda bay, located between Plaka and Elounda.

6. Elounda beach

North Elounda beach

elounda beach


The beach north of the port of Elounda is a nice sandy beach.

elounda beach in the south

South Elounda beach


The beach south of the port of Elounda is a smaller sandy beach. Read more about Elounda Beaches

7. Elounda Peninsula beach

beach on Elounda peninsula

If you want to enjoy some nude sunbathing, then follow the dirt track past the windmills on the isthmus that joins Elounda with the peninsula in front of it. It is a ten-minute drive and you will have to park your car at the end of the road and walk on the path descending to the shore.

To your left there is a rocky coast that naturists prefer. No facilities.

To your right there is an excellent small sandy beach with no facilities. I visited this beach in the afternoon and no naturists were there at that time. Perhaps the reason for this is the boats that take people to Spinalonga. The boats moor very close to this beach and, when they do, there is no privacy and the peace of this secluded beach is destroyed by loud music. The boats leave at 3 pm. I am not sure when exactly they arrive, but it is probably around noon.

beach on elounda peninsula

8. Agios Nikolaos beaches

Chavania beach

chavania beach


Chavania beach is nice and sandy, located just a couple of km north of Agios Nikolaos town.

Amoudi beach

amoudi beach


Amoudi beach is a sandy and crowded beach.

Carol Hotel beach

The concrete platform opposite to the Coral Hotel. Not a beach actually but enough people come here for sunbathing.

Kitroplateia beach

kitroplateia beach


Kitroplateia beach is a sandy beach very close to the centre of Agios Nikolaos.

Ammos beach

ammos beach


Ammos beach is also a sandy beach very close to the centre of Agios Nikolaos.

Municipal beach

municipal beach


The Mini Golf is here and there is an admission fee. The beach is pebbly but there is a big area with grass, many trees, sunbeds and umbrellas plus a swimming pool for adults and children. There is also a bar, in case you need to have a cool drink or a light meal.

almiros beach


Almiros beach is the best beach in Agios Nikolaos. It is a long sandy beach in a protected bay. The water is very shallow and it is suitable for children.

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9. Amoudara beach

amoudara beach


Amoudara is an excellent sandy beach very close to Agios Nikolaos. Unfortunately, the access to it is so easy (it is on the main road from Agios Nikolaos to Ierapetra and Sitia), that it may get crowded.

10. Kalo Horio beach

Karavostasi beach

karovastasi beach in kalo horio

Karavostasi beach is a quiet pebbly beach. At the entrance of Kalo Horio there is a sign pointing to the “Beach”.

Agios Panteleimonas beach

agios panteleimonas beach in kalo horio


Agios Panteleimonas beach is another quiet beach with two canteens. In the middle of Kalo Horio there is an Internet Cafe with a big sign. Opposite to it there is a Super Market and the narrow road that leads to this beach.

11. Istron beach

golden beach


Golden beach is a sandy beach in a bay with turquoise water. Unfortunately, it is narrow and packed with sunbeds and the sea currents tend to carry garbage dumped into the Agios Nikolaos bay towards the beach

istron beach

On the left side of the bay there is a tiny cove and two very small pebbly beaches; not crowded usually.

12. Gournia Camping beach

gournia beach

The beach of Gournia Camping, a small pebbly beach in a protected bay.

13. Pachia Ammos beach

pachia ammos beach


Pachia Ammos is a sandy beach with sunbeds, which is protected from the winds by the dock of the small fishing port. Pachia Ammos is a long beach with tamarisk trees, pebbles, and big waves.

14. Kavoussi beach

tholos beach in kavoussi


Enter the village and look for the sign to “Tholos beach”. It is a pebbly beach with tamarisk trees and it is exposed to the wind. The left side of it is sandy and more protected. There are a couple of taverns here but you will have to look in Kavoussi village (3 km) for accommodation.

15. Mochlos beach

mochlos beach


Mochlos is a shingle beach west of Mochlos village.

16. Sitia beach

sitia beach


Sitia beach is a long sandy beach on the road from Sitia to Vai.

Beaches on the East Coast of Lassithi Region

lassithi map beaches

17. Erimoupolis beach

erimoupolis - itanos beach

Erimoupolis or Itanos the small sandy beach of the ancient town of Itanos. There is another longer sandy beach that you can get to – on foot -, over the low hill to your left.

18. Vai beach

vai beach

Vai beach is an area of exceptional beauty because of the existing Palm-tree forest. It is a crowded but beautiful beach and less exposed to North winds than the Palaikastro beaches.

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19. Palaikastron beaches

maridati beach

Maridati beach

Maridati beach is a small bay with a sandy beach, 4km north-east of Palaikastro.

Kouremenos beach

Kouremenos beach is a long sandy beach 2km north-east of Palaikastro.

Hiona beach

hiona beach

Hiona beach is an excellent sandy beach with a couple of fish taverns. The beach is located 2 km east of Palaikastro town. It is a long beach with the south part of it clothing optional.

20. Kato Zakros

kato zakros beach

Kato Zakros the pebbly beach of Zakros, where the Minoan Palace of Zakros can be found. Many good fish taverns here.

21. Xerokambos

xerokambos beach

Xerokambos various sandy coves and turquoise water. Xerokambos is a magnificent place when there is no wind. It is a sleepy resort far away from everything.

Beaches on the South Coast of Lassithi Region

lassithi map beaches

22. Koufonissi beach

koufonissi beach

Koufonissi island is a small uninhabited island opposite to Goudouras. The excavations revealed a city of the roman period, a theater with seats for 1000 persons, an aqueduct and a port. Boats leave for Koufonissi from Makrigialos every morning. The beaches on Koufonissi are excellent with golden sand and turquoise water. No facilities and no shade on the island.

23. Goudouras beach

Goudouras is the last village on the southern coast of Lassithi district. Few tourists will ever reach Goudouras and its beach.

24. Kapsa Monastery beach

Kapsa Monastery beach

There are several pebbly coves along the road from Makrigialos to Kapsa Monastery and Goudouras. Feel free to explore and discover your own beach.

Dragon’s Cave beach

The beach past the “Dragon’s Cave” Taverna is a beautiful cove with a sandy beach.

25. Diaskari beach & Langada beach

diaskari beach

Diaskari beach and Langada beach, two secluded beaches past Makrigialos. There is a sign to Diaskari beach. In order to locate the dirt track to Langada beach you will have to drive for a couple of km past Diaskari and look for the “Taverna Eftyhia”. The tavern is closed, so don’t count on it for lunch. Past the taverna there is a greenhouse and right after that, you will see the dirt track leading to the beach. You will probably be alone there, so naturism is possible.

26. Makrigialos

makrigialos beach

Makrigialos main beach

Makrigialos beach is the main sandy beach in the town of Makrigialos. The shallow water makes it suitable for children.

Minoan Villa beach

The beach opposite to the archaeological site “Minoan Villa” is an uncrowded beach with shingle and pebbles.

27. Koutsouras beach

koutsouras beach

Koutsouras is a pebbly beach, not especially attractive.

28. Mavros Kolimbos beach

mavros kolimpos beach

Mavros Kolimpos beach is a shingle and pebbles beach, where you will be almost alone. There is no sign with the name of the beach, only a generic “beach” sign.

29. Achlia beach

achlia beach

Achlia beach is an uncrowded sandy beach with tamarisk trees.

30. Agia Fotia

agia fotia beach

Agia Fotia is a lovely sandy beach in a picturesque valley.

31. Ferma beach

ferma beach

Ferma is a small sandy beach inside the beautiful bay of Ferma town. You may access the beach through Taverna Elena, close to the exit of the town.

32. Kakkos Bay beach

kakkos beach

The beach past Kakkos Bay Hotel is a sandy beach with tamarisk trees.

33. Koutsounari beach

koutsounari beach

The long sandy beach in Koutsounari starts from the Koutsounari Camping and stretches for several km towards the east. The beach is very wide and there are parts of it with no facilities.

34. Secluded beach near Ierapetra

secluded beach near ierapetra

5-6 km east of Ierapetra town; look out for a NISSAN sign on the right side of the road. Enter the short dirt track there and walk down to the magnificent secluded beach. You will probably be alone there and the beach is clothing optional occasionally. No facilities available.

35. Chrissi or Gaidouronissi beach

seashells on chrissi beach

Chrissi or Hrissi or Gaidouronissi Island lies 15km south of Ierapetra. In the middle of the Libyan sea. The island’s nature is pure and mysterious. Its secret allurements are revealed to anyone who searches for them. Bays, secret or not, pure beaches, crystal-blue water, rare cedar forests, fragile ecosystems, species of plants and animals have existed undisturbed on Chrissi island for hundreds of thousand of years. Ruins of buildings from the pre-historical and historical time demonstrate the length of human presence on Chrissi.

There are daily boat excursions to Chrissi and its sandy white beaches. Boats departure from Ierapetra at 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. They return at 17:00 and 18:00. The duration of the voyage is one hour.

map of chrissi island

36. Ierapetra beach

beach in the centre of ierapetra town

The sandy beach in the centre of Ierapetra town.

ierapetra beach

East Ierapetra beach

ierapetra beach

The beach starting from the east end of Ierapetra and extending eastwards for several km. There are no sunbeds at its eastern end.

37. Myrtos beach

myrtos beach

The beach of Myrtos is a beach with sand and pebbles.

Beach west of Myrtos

West of Myrtos there is a long, narrow beach with pebbles and, occasionally, rocks and boulders. The seabed is rocky. No facilities here. Naturism is possible but a road runs parallel to the beach.

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