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Beaches in Elounda

Apart from the beaches in Elounda itself, there are also the beaches in front of the large hotels, but we won’t cover those in this article.

elounda beach

The main beach of Elounda

The main beach of Elounda is right next to the harbour and car park, in the centre of Elounda.

The beach is organised, with umbrellas, sun loungers and a lifeguard, while all around you will find cafeterias, restaurants and hotels.

elounda east beach

The east beach of Elounda

This beach is at the east end of Elounda, near the isthmus leading to the Kolokytha Peninsula.

It’s an organised beach but smaller than the main one.

Kolokytha Beach

kolokytha beach

You can get to the Κolokytha Peninsula by crossing the narrow isthmus with the windmills and walking along the dirt track to the small church of Agios Loukas.

The road is passable for most cars, as long as they have good clearance and are not overloaded.

A small path after the church leads to the small beach of Kolokytha. It’s only a short walk away so it’s not tiring to get to.

The beach isn’t organised and the only shade here is under two or three tamarisk trees. It’s fairly empty if you come before noon or after 3 in the afternoon. In between, the tour boats come from Spinalonga and the peace and quiet is broken by loud music.

To the left (northwest) of the beach, where the boats moor, there are only flat rocks where you may meet a few nudists.

Other beaches near Elounda

driros beach

A few kilometres north of Elounda is the wonderful Driros or Dreros Beach with pine trees going down to the sea.

There are loungers on the beach and a cafeteria with little tables on a wooden jetty. It’s sheer bliss to drink your coffee here, gazing at the view of Elounda Bay and Spinalonga Island opposite. There are also various watersports on offer on Driros Beach.

If you continue on a bit past Driros, you will come to Plaka and its two beaches.

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