Kissamos Beaches: Mavros Molos, Drapanias, Viglia

Beaches in the region of Kissamos

There are many wonderful beaches in or near Kissamos, both in the town itself and east and west of it. All beachers are just 10 kilometres at most from Kastelli, so you can easily visit them and pick the one that suits you.

On most beaches in the region of Kissamos you’ll find a few umbrellas and loungers, showers and changing cabins. Almost all of them also have a hotel, taverna or café.

It’s not busy because Kissamos is a relatively unknown tourist destination, so you’ll never feel crowded or unable to find room for your umbrella. Unless you visit Balos in August…

Map of beaches at Kastelli (Kissamos)

See the map of beaches in Kissamos and read about each one.
Each number on the map corresponds to a number in the tabs below.

map of beaches at Kissamos or Kastelli

The beaches in Kastelli are: Mavros Molos (Νο 1), Vrahakia, and the beach at the east end of town (Νο 2).

Continuing east of Kissamos are the beaches Korfalonas (3), Drapanias (4), Nopigia (5) and two tiny beaches on Cape Spatha (6).

West of Kissamos are the beaches of Ai Yiannis (7), Pachia Ammos (9) and Viglia (10), the Balos lagoon (12) and the huge sandy beach of Falassarna (13), while don’t forget at about 40 km southwest of Kissamos is the famous Elafonissi with the pink sand.

Mavros Molos Beach

mavros molos beach kissamos kastelli

Mavros Molos Beach is the largest beach in Kissamos (Kastelli) itself, with fine sand and relatively shallow water.

Mavros Molos beach is at the west end of town, right in front of the restaurants and tavernas, and is fully organised with umbrellas and loungers. There are hotels and apartments for rent around the beach.

Vrahakia Beach

vrahakia beach, kissamos kastelli

Vrahakia Beach is a small sandy beach, without umbrellas. It’s in front of the Christina Beach Hotel, next to the mouth of the stream that runs through Kissamos.

To get to Vrahakia Beach continue west of the seafront cafeterias to the “Telonio” (Telonio) area, east of Mavros Molos beach.


Telonio Kissamos

On other websites you will see it referred to as “Teloneio Beach at Kissamos”, but it’s not really a beach, just a rocky area with nowhere to sit.

In fact the Teloneio (“Customs House”) area is the coastal road with the cafeterias and tavernas inside Kissamos. It’s nice to sit here and enjoy your coffee, drink or meal, but for swimming you should try one of the many other beaches in and around Kissamos.

2. Kissamos East Beach

east beach kissamos kastelli

Immediately after Telonio starts the east beach of Kissamos, which stretches as far as the neighbouring beach of Korfalonas.

The beach, with sand and large pebbles, has no umbrellas but shade is provided by a few tamarisk trees.

3. Korfalonas Beach

korfalonas beach kissamos

Korfalonas Beach is about 2 kilometres east of Kastellu and is one of the best beaches in the area.

Most of the beach is sandy, it stretches quite a way, and tamarisks trees offer you their shade.

There are umbrellas and loungers in front of a seafront café-bar and the Mesogeios apartments, free for customers and guests. However, there is plenty of room to plant your own umbrella and enjoy a dip in the crystal-clear sea.

4. Drapanias Beach

 Drapanias Beach Kissamos

Drapanias Beach is east of Kissamos and is a continuation of Korfalonas Beach. It is well signposted.

The beach is a lovely sandy beach with straw umbrellas, loungers, showers and changing cabins. There are cafeterias, restaurants, small hotels and the Mythimna campsite for those who prefer camping holidays.

5. Nopigia Beach

nopigia kissamos crete

Even further east of Drapanias is the seaside resort of Nopigia. The beach is not exactly thrilling, as it’s full of large pebbles, but the seabed is sandy.

Nopigia Beach is not organised, so either bring your own umbrella or sit under the tamarisk trees.

At Nopigia there are tavernas is you feel peckish, and also the Nopigia campsite is you want to camp or bring a caravan or motor home.

6. Small beaches after Nopigia

beaches after Nopigia in Kissamos

If you’re one of those people who always look for something different on holiday, then the little coves of Cape Spatha, east of Nopigia, are just the thing for you.

Continue along the dirt track from Nopigia along the steep cliffs. Among the impressive rock formations you’ll see two tiny coves with sandy beaches.

Here you’ll probably enjoy your swim alone, especially in the less busy months. There are no facilities on these beaches, so make sure you bring all you need with you.

The rocky seabed makes these beaches ideal for snorkelling and admiring underwater life.

7. Damiali Beach

A few kilometres from Kastelli, on the way to the new Kissamos harbour, is a scenic bay, Damiali Beach, named after the small church ofAi Yannis Damialis.

agios ioannis church and cave in kissamos

There are no signs there is a beach here, and you’ll certainly drive past unless you know about it.

Τhe tiny church of Ai Yiannis (St John) is built in a cave in the rock. There is usually a car parked in front of it. Go in and see the cave, light a candle and look for the tunnel which runs from the courtyard under the road and leads to the small beach with big tamarisk trees and pebbles.

Agios Ioannis Damialis Kissamos

There is little available space, but on the small patch of sand you can enjoy the cool shade of the trees. If you feel peckish, there is a taverna above the beach, and another in the picturesque little harbour with the fishing boats, nearby on the way to Kastelli.

8. Beach after Kissamos Port

beach at kastelli-kissamos west of the harbour

Immediately after Kissamos harbour, turn right at the first fork. This is the road to the beaches of Pachia Ammos and Viglia, but right at the start there’s a small beach with two or three large tamarisk trees, generously offering their shade to the few visitors.

The beach is sandy but the seabed is both sandy and pebbly. On calm days you can admire the undersea life with your mask

There are no facilities on the beach, so bring whatever you need with you.

9. Pachia Ammos Beach

pachia ammos beach kissamos

The next beach west of Kissamos is the wonderful Pachia Ammos Beach. It’s a large sandy beach with a few umbrellas, free to visitors.

If you like the peace and quiet and decide to stay here, you can try the small hotels and apartments for rent near the beach, or those in the nearby village of Kalyviani.

10. Viglia Beach

vigila beach in kissamos

Viglia Beach is the next beach. It’s not organised and there are few people there. The beach is sandy with small pebbles, while the rocks in front of it offer a lovely sheltered area, ideal for small children.

If you decide to stay overnight, there is a hotel next to the beach.

11. Beach before Balos Hotel

balos beach kissamos

After Viglia Beach, take the seafront dirt track all the way to the end. Here there is a small beach with large rocks and sand.

According to a local whom we asked, this beach is called “Tou Meri to Pigadi ” (Meri’s Well), but it’s easier to remember as the beach under the Balos Beach Hotel.

The beach is small and has no facilities, the only advantage is that it’s very private, as few people come this far.

12. Balos Beach

balos gramvoussa

The famous and gorgeous Balos lagoon on Cape Gramvoussa attracts thousands of visitors each summer. They come either by boat from Kissamos or by car.

Read detailed information on the beach Balos

13. Falassarna


Falassarna is one of the biggest sandy beaches in Crete and has been repeatedly voted one of the 10 best beaches in Greece. Falassarna is 15-20 minutes’ drive west of Kissamos.

There are many organised areas on the beach, with tavernas, seafront café bars and small hotels and apartments for rent.

Read detailed information on Falassarna

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