Naturists holiday in Crete

Enjoy naturist holidays in Crete

If you are open to the idea of naturism, have you ever considered enjoying naturist holidays in Crete?

The truth is that most people are somewhat biased on the issue of naturism. In most cases, people did not happen to visit a particular beach with naturists, but when seeing individuals or couples to bathe without swimming suits, only negative thoughts go through their mind. But if you learn more things on the subject you will realize that it is an ideology and a way of life sometimes, which aims to bring people closer to nature. Nudists and people who like naturism are not vulgar people engaged in orgies on every beach and every occasion.

Naturist holidays in Crete offer you an exciting combination of freedom and closeness to the natural environment of this unique island. Crete stands out due to its magnificent landscape and the diversity of the natural habitat, including the gorgeous waters and the intriguing remote villages. It is also one of the favorite islands of people who embrace naturism from all over the world, because of the amazing beaches and the liberty to act within the spirit of naturism.

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Naturist holidays in Crete allow you to explore your senses, because are allowed on some of the most beautiful beaches of the island, including the southern beaches of the Libyan Sea, known for the hot white sand, and the alluring blue sapphire waters.

In most cases, visitors of Crete who have chosen the island to spend their naturist holidays enjoy the beautiful environment, but also the authentic rules of naturism.

This is actually what makes Crete such a popular destination for naturists. It is a place that respects the needs and desires of people who like naturist holidays, without insulting or intruding the lives of the others. There are well appointed and defined beaches, such as Hotel Vritomartis in South Crete, where you can spend your holidays nude, free and relaxed, without worrying about intruders, and without offending anyone else – a common problem in most naturist beaches and resorts.

At Hotel Vritomartis you will have the chance to sunbathe nude all day long, enjoying the warm and welcoming Cretan sun, and the feeling of absolute liberation from all oppressions and social limitations and restrictions, in a totally comfortable and laid back environment, specifically created for people who wish to spend their naturist holidays in Crete. This is the main reason why naturism is becoming increasingly popular these years again, after a short pause, caused mostly by the socially induced shame and awkwardness.

However, people who love naturism know that few things can feel so liberating and rejuvenating as bathing naked in the waters, and enjoying the sun freely, avoiding sun marks at the same time. Naturist holidays in Crete can help you beat everyday stress in a truly effective way; and Crete is simply the ideal backdrop for that.

Whatever you wish during your naturist holidays, Crete can offer it to you, because Crete is great, is beautiful and always takes care of its visitors in the best possible way.

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