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Chania Stivanadika

stivanadika in ChaniaBehind the Municipal Market is the main shopping street of Chania today: Skridlof or Skrydlof Street, with lots of well-known shops in a row.

At the point where it meets Halidon Street, the main road of the old town, the area is known as Stivanadika (“Bootmakers’ Shops”).

Every city of Crete used to have a specific part of the commercial centre reserved for all the traditional shoe-shops.

Apart from traditional Cretan boots, the Stivanadika also have leather goods and souvenirs for sale.

Stivania” are traditional Cretan boots, the trademark of the Cretan male costume. They are tall, stiff and extremely tough, usually black and more rarely white in colour.

Today, of course, most traditional crafts are in decline, and boot-making is no exception. Very few people still practice this time-consuming craft, and demand is limited.

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