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Satellite images of Crete

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Satellite images of West Crete

  1. Bali
  2. Panormos
  3. Rethymnon port
  4. Fortetsa in Rethymnon
  5. Asi Gonia
  6. Dirt road
  7. Kallikratis Plateau
  8. Kournas lake
  9. Georgioupolis
  10. Aptera, the castle
  11. Akrotiri Peninsula
  12. Stavros
  13. Chania Airport
  14. Port of Souda
  15. Chania
  16. Chania Market
  17. Malaxa
  18. Limnoupolis waterpark
  19. Platanias
  20. Maleme airport
  21. Balos & Cape Gramvoussa
  22. Topolia tunnel
  23. Elafonissi
  24. Palaiochora
  25. Radar station near Palaiochora
  26. Sougia
  27. Omalos Plateau
  28. Samaria Gorge
  29. Sfakia or Chora Sfakion
  30. Askifou Plateau
  31. Imbros Gorge
  32. Frangocastello
  33. Rodakino
  34. Souda of Plakias
  35. Plakias
  36. Preveli beach - Preveli Monastery
  37. Triopetra and Akoumia beach
  38. Agios Pavlos
  39. Agia Galini

Satellite images of East Crete

  1. Paliokastro
  2. Amoudara beach
  3. Almiros gorge and lake
  4. Knossos
  5. Heraklion airport
  6. Heraklion port
  7. Heraklion, the ExploreCrete office
  8. Beach close to Kokkini Hani
  9. Anopolis waterpark
  10. Gournes
  11. Gouves
  12. Anissaras
  13. Hersonissos
  14. Star Beach Waterpark
  15. Aquaplus Waterpark
  16. Kastelli and its airport
  17. The tunnel of Stalis
  18. Malia
  19. Malia Minoan Palace
  20. Sissi
  21. Lassithi Plateau
  22. Elounda, Plaka and Spinalonga
  23. Spinalonga island
  24. Elounda Hotels
  25. Agios Nikolaos
  26. Gournia archaeological site
  27. Thripti plateau and Ha gorge
  28. Mochlos
  29. Wind generators near Sitia
  30. Makrigialos
  31. Ierapetra
  32. Plateau Omalos of Viannos
  33. Lentas, Loutra beach and Trahoulas beach
  34. Kaloi Limenes
  35. Messara Bay
  36. Phaistos
  37. Zaros lake and Gorge of Rouvas
  38. Nida Plateau
  39. Mt Ida or Psiloritis

Shapes and Patterns: nature is a great artist and the satellite images of Crete reveal various shapes and patterns on the land of Crete.

NOTE. All satellite images of Crete come from the Google Earth program. All of them have been digitally enhanced for improved clarity and image quality. We do not claim copyright on these images, but if you want to copy them to your site, then a link back to will be appreciated for the many hours of work we needed to find and edit the images.

If you like these satellite images, then download the Google Earth program and enjoy many hours of exploration of Crete, Greece or the world.

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