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Water sports in Crete

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On most organised beaches in Water sports in Crete you can choose from a great variety of water sports. Whether you choose water skiing, parasailing, banana, ringos or a pedalo, water sports are a great way to spend your time and increase your adrenaline and fitness.

Here is a sample price list for water sports in Crete for 2002. Prices may vary from place to place.

water-ski 10 min 30€
wind-surfing 1 hour 15€
1/2 day = 4 hours 30€
banana 10 min 15€
ringos, patriot, thriller 10 min 15€
pedaloes 1 hour 15€
canoes 1 hour 10€
kayak - indian canoe 1 hour 15€
trampoline all day 6€
self-drive boat 1 hour 40€
2 hours 72€
1/2 day = 5 hours 140€
speed boat ride   60€
laser sailing 1 hour 30€
sailing boat 1 hour 30€

Lessons for Beginners:

Water -ski: 20 min course= 30€ , 3 days course= 81€ , 5 days course= 135€

Wind-Surfing: 2 hours course= 30€ , 3 days course= 80€ , 5 days course= 120€

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