Gortys, the Roman statues

On leaving the main, fenced archaeological site, it is worth stopping at the display of Roman statues in the roofed area to the east near the car park. The Roman statues on display were discovered during excavations in the wider area of Gortys. They are Roman copies of Greek statues dated to the 1st-3rd century AD.

roman statue in Gortys
Photo by Alexander Stepanenko

Most imposing is the marble statue of a venerable seated man in the courtyard. This was originally thought to represent the Emperor Antoninus Pius, but others hold that it is the statue of an unknown scholar or philosopher.

Our visit to Gortys does not stop here. In order to gain a clearer picture of the city, it is worth spending a little more time here to visit the area of the Praetorium. There you will get a taste of the full extent, culture and importance of the Roman city of Gortys.

Our tour continues to the large archaeological site. We’ll find it if we cross the road and continue a little further towards Metropolis.

map with the route to the Great Basilica of Gortyna

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