Greek Nature Field Guide

From their Preface the authors tell us, “… you will be amazed not only by the wealth of plants and animals you come across but also by the variety of biotopes …

… As an active nature lover, however, you would need to carry a range of books covering the different groups of plants and animals in order to identify what you observe.”

greek nature guide

Greek Nature aims to facilitate the nature lovers in their exploration of Greek nature by providing information and illustrations on a wide spectrum of plant and animals saving them the discomfort of carry 2 or 3 field guides.”

The authors have reached their goal with this marvelous field guide!

The island of Crete contains 5 ecosystems. The varieties of nature’s gifts found in Crete are infinite!

This field guide is easy to use for the amateur and detailed enough for the professional lover of nature to use as a reference.

* Review by Vicki Nikolaidis

A note from artist, Penelope Gourgourini:

“The book can be purchased in Papasotiriou, Eleftheroudakis, Patakis and other bookstores in Athens. But anyone can make an order to us and we can send the book by mail. We can be reached at 210 5066433”.

Greek Nature – The Authentic Field Guide

Text and Photos by Thanasis Petsis
Paintings and Drawings by Penelope Gourgourini
(2004) Lynx Editions
ISBN 960-87746-1-6

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