Crete Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum in Chania

The Maritime Museum of Crete is at the east end of the Venetian harbour of Chania, housed in the Firkas Fortress. To find it, look for the huge anchor just outside the building.

crete maritime museum in chania

The museum opened its doors in 1973 and receives many customers daily until 14:00, its tickets very reasonably priced.

The two-storey building contains 13 displays presenting the maritime history of Crete from antiquity to the Battle of Crete in 1941.

The museum contains models of various vessels, wreck finds, documents on the Greek Navy, navigational instruments, audiovisual material and a library of maritime books.

Important research is also carried out here, such as the reconstruction of the Minoan ship by scientists of the Ancient Shipbuilding and Technology Research Institute.

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