Beaches in Kalyves: Maistrali Beach, Kyani Akti, Kera Beach

Kalyves Beach

The beach of Kalyves is essentially a single beach, though it is divided in two, Maistrali and Xydas, by rocks forming a small breakwater.

kalyves beach

The beach of Kalyves is sandy all along its length, with shallow, clear water. It is organised and you can play beach volley or try the watersports on offer. Along the beach are cafeterias and restaurants offering free umbrellas.

The only drawback is that the beach is open to the north winds and the sea may be rough on some days. The water is also quite chilly in places, due to the River Xydas which runs into the sea nearby.

Shortly after Kalyves, on the road to Almyrida (east) is the small sandy Kera Beach, ideal for people who don’t like organised beaches.

Karavos rock at jera beach in kalyves

The beach is at the bottom of a steep slope and can’t be seen from the road. You can locate it, however, by the long “Karavos” (“ship”) rock, just offshore.

Karavos has its own legend: once a band of pirates anchored here to raid Crete. But the Virgin of the small church of Kera heard the prayers of the faithful and turned the pirates and their ship to stone.

One kilometre after Kalyves, in the direction of Chania (west), is the beach of Kyani Akti (“Côte d’Azur”). It’s not particularly crowded and has a taverna and a canteen for a coffee or a snack.

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