“Aksegnioi Perates” Traditional Cretan Music Cd

Review of “Aksegnioi Perates” Traditional Cretan Music Cd

“Aksegnioi Perates” or “Careless Travellers” in Greek, is an amateur group of four young men and a woman. The way in which they sing, the way that they compose music and the way they write poems, suggests a maturity beyond their actual years. The combination of young enthusiasm and mature performance is quite unique in this CD. The 15 songs on the CD include both traditional Cretan songs and some new pieces composed by the group.

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Aksegnioi Perates was formed in August 1977 with the intention of attracting more people to the musical tradition of Crete. This is their first CD and we really hope that the second one will be equally great.

Listen to the samples from this CD.

1. Stis Gramvoussas t akrotiri (At Cape Gramvoussa). This is one of the most famous traditional songs of Crete and is wonderfully performed by Nikos Tavernarakis.

2. Aspra Poulia tis Thalassas (White Sea Birds). Another traditional Cretan song. Music composed by Stelios Aerakis. Performed by Pela Somaraki.

3. O Psaras (The Fisherman)

4. Oneiro Agapis (Love Dream). Lyrics and music composed by Nikos Tavernarakis. Performed by Pela Somaraki

5. Ziso Pethano (If I live or die). Lyrics and music by Nikos Xylouris. Performed by Yorgos Avramakis.

6. Zoi kai Gelio (Live and Laugh).Lyrics and music by Nikos Tavernarakis. Performed by Pela Somaraki

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