Kamilari, a traditional village in South Crete

Kamilari in South Crete

Kamilari is located in south Crete, very close to Tymbaki, Mires and the seaside villages of Kalamaki and Matala.

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Kamilari is 4 km from the Phaistos archaeological site and is the ideal base from which to explore the lovely plain of Messara, with its traditional villages, rich history and, of course, its beautiful bay and beaches on the south coast of Crete.

Kamilari, a quiet traditional village in southern Crete

Kamilari is built on three hilltops, Goulas, Alevrotas and Evgoras, and has about 340 permanent inhabitants. It’s a quiet, traditional village with a panoramic view of the olive groves of the Messara Plain, the peaks of Psiloritis (Mt. Ida) and the Libyan Sea.

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Kamilari may not be on the sea, but it’s only a short distance from the local beaches.

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This minor disadvantage is more than made up for by the strongly traditional atmosphere of the village, with its pretty houses, picturesque alleyways and stunning view.

The old houses of Kamilari are built of stone, with lovely courtyards and bougainvilleas climbing the walls.

Many of the houses you see have been restored by foreign owners, who use them as summer homes or rent them out to tourists.

Kamilari is very pretty and scenic, with all the features of a typical Cretan village: a small main square, a church and colourful kafeneia full of character, frequented by locals and visitors alike.

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Map of Kamilari

How to get to Kamilari

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Kamilari is very close to major towns and villages of Heraklion Prefecture.

From Heraklion to Kamilari. If you’re coming from Heraklion, head in the direction of Mires and Tymbaki, about 65 km away along a good road.

Shortly before Tymbaki you will see the sign to Kamilari, 5-6 km further on in a landscape of orchards and olive groves.

From Heraklion to Kamilari by bus. If you haven’t got your own car, there is a daily bus from Heraklion to Kamilari.

There are more frequent services to Mires, Tymbaki and Matala, from where you can easily take a taxi to Kamilari.

From Chania and Rethymno to Kamilari. If you’re coming from Rethymno, take the National Road from Rethymno to Spili, Agia Galini and Tymbaki.

Pass by Tymbaki and the military airfield there until you come to the Kamilari crossroads.

Kamilari is ideal for holidays for…

Tourists in Kamilari

Holidays in Kamilari are ideal for people who want to be based in a quiet, traditional Cretan village, where everything moves at a calm, human pace.

Kamilari is pretty and scenic, with many cheap places to stay.

Kamilari is the ideal holiday place for people who want to visit the famous tourist resorts and archaeological sites in the area, without actually staying there.

Kamilari offers a beautiful view of both the Messara Plain and the sea, making it a great place to stay, as does its convenient strategic position in the heart of southern Crete.

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