Gorges in Crete

There are countless gorges and ravines in Crete. A few of them are really famous, like Samaria Gorge. Though most of them are still unknown to most people, they are very interesting.

Gorges are a great opportunity for some easier hiking, especially in summer; it’s a lot easier to descend a gorge than ascend a mountain when the weather is warm. This is the reason why, all summer hiking tours of the Mountaineering Clubs of Crete are limited to descending gorges and ending to the sea; it’s the perfect combination of easy hiking and lots of swimming.

On the other hand there are gorges which are really hard to cross and require special skills and equipment, for example the gorge of Ha near Ierapetra.

Popular gorges in Crete are:

Samaria Gorge, the most famous gorge in Crete

Sirikari Gorge, from Sirikari to the ancient acropolis of Polyrinia; a great walk, 3 hours long. This gorge is also known as Polyrrinia gorge.

The gorge of Agia Eirini, a 5 hrs descend (12 km) from Agia Eirini to Sougia.

Lissos gorge, 1 hr walk from Souyia to the nearby ancient town of Lissos.

Aradaina Gorge, from Anopolis to Marmara beach near Loutro. A really impressive gorge; it looks like someone cut with a knife through the mountains. However it’s a gorge that needs some experience. It takes 3 hrs from Anopoli and 1hr 15 min from Marmara to Loutro; at the Marmara tavern you may ask when a boat to Loutro is available.

Imbros gorge, 2hr 30min from Impros village to Komitades village, close to Sfakia

Imbros gorge
Imbros gorge

Preveli Gorge, is a great place to see. There is a great beach and a river which forms the gorge. The banks of the river are full of palm-trees. It’s much preferable to ascend from the beach, following the stream; there is always the opportunity of a refreshing swim in the small pools formed by the river.

Patsos gorge, another swimming & trekking experience. 3 hrs from Patsos village.

Myloi gorge, an easy 1 hr walk from Hromonastiri village to Xiro Horio village. Inside the gorge there is an abandoned village with many traditional houses. There is also a cafè that is open in Spring, Summer and Autumn. It serves lunch too.

Rouvas gorge, in the southern flank of Psiloritis (Idi Mountain).

Voriziano gorge, from Nida Plateau to Vorizia village.

Ayiofarango ( the gorge of the Saints), close to Sìvas, Festos. 3 km past Moni (monastery) Odigitrias starts the gorge, leading to a great beach. You will need someone to show you the entrance to the gorge. Sivas is a pretty, traditional village a few km past Festos.

The gorge of the dead in Zakros. A burial place of Minoan Cretans. At the exit from the gorge it there is the Minoan palace of Zakros.

Myga or Mygia Gorge, the “Gorge of the Fly”. A small gorge on Mt Psiloritis, a few kilometres after Anogia. There is no path through the gorge, but you can walk along the “Dromos tis Mygias” or “Trail of the Fly”, a circular route that runs alongside the gorge.

Almyros gorge at Linoperamata, a short distance past Ammoudara, Heraklion
Almiros gorge, close to Heraklion
karteros ravine, a place for a pleasant walk
Karteros ravine, also close to Heraklion

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