The Shrine of Peace and Remembrance in Preveli Crete

The erection of the Shrine of Peace and Remembrance in Preveli was Geoff Edwards’ dying wish, a last vision of his, to honor and remember:

  • the Cretan civilian men and women
  • the Cretan militia
  • the servicemen of Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand

who gave their lives in the Battle of Crete in 1941. It will also have great significance to the Holy Monastery of Preveli where the head Monk in 1941, Agathangelos Lagouvardos and his fellow Monks organized shelter and evacuation for hundreds of Commonwealth troops, even though they faced the death penalty for helping.

The Internet was the media that enabled people from various countries and continents to meet each other and start working towards the fulfillment of Geoff Edwards’ last wish. These people managed to bring the case to the Monastery of Preveli and to make the Geoff Edwards’ story known to many people around the world.

memorial at preveli monastery for the battle of crete

The realisation of the Shrine of Peace and Remembrance is now in the care of The Holy Monastery of Preveli.

Geoff Edwards, a World War 2 Australian Veteran

The Geoff Edwards story: Crete, 1941.

the Battle of Crete, May 1941“after Crete we shall never do another Airborne operation…” Adolph Hitler.

Read about the Battle of Crete

the road to Prevely

Geoff Edwards’ Prevelly, Australia

Saint John in Preveli Monastery, CreteThe Holy Monastery of Preveli, about the monastery and its history

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