Car Rental Insurance Coverage in Crete

How does the car rental agency in Crete that you hire handle insurance in case of theft, damage or accidents while you have their car?

  • Fire and third-party liability. This coverage is mandatory with all car rental agencies in Crete and is thus included in all rentals
  • Theft Protection Coverage (TPC). The TPC is an optional service; you have to check if the coverage is stipulated in your contract or not. The TPC protects you against liability in case your rental car or any of its parts and accessories needs to be repaired or replaced in case of theft or attempted theft while the vehicle is in your use in Crete. If you do not avail of the TPC, you will be responsible for the said liabilities
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). It is possible for the driver to limit his or her responsibility if the rented car is damaged during his or her rental period by availing the collision damage waiver. In this case, the renter will be charged a residual, non-waiveable amount if the car is damaged or lost, usually up to 440.00 €, as long as the damage was not incurred due to any violations of Greek traffic laws. The rest of the damage will be shouldered by the insurance company.
    However, if the driver declines to avail of the collision damage waiver, he will be totally responsible for any damages to the vehicle. So that you would not get into any unexpected trouble later on, you should ask the car rental company that you would be hiring in Crete if the insurance for damages to the car and its parts or accessories is included in the price you will be paying them.

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