Cheap Car Rental in Crete

Cheap car rental in Crete is not hard to come by, if you are on a holiday on Crete. Getting a great deal on your rental car not only gives you the convenience of being able to move around as freely as you want to, but it also allows you to allot more of your travel budget for other things. It is easy to get cheap Crete car rentals if you know how.

cheap car rental in crete

In our list of Crete car rental agencies, we have included many companies that give cheap rates and can definitely provide the vehicle that will suit your needs. Rates do vary from company to company, but there are ways to peg the price lower. Here are a few tips that you can use in finding cheap car rentals in Crete.

Search the Internet for cheap car rental prices

The Internet is a great tool for finding the rental car that fits your requirements best. Check out our own car rental companies list for cheap Crete car rental, but you will also find similar directories in travel websites that will display available cars, as well as their going rates for the dates you will be renting them.

Because you are able to see the information that you need for cheap Crete car rentals easily, you would be able to compare prices and the options that you have, given your budget and requirements, just as easily. More than that, searching online for cheap Crete car rentals enables you to bypass the hassle of calling a rental car agency for information and then being put on hold for extended periods. By searching the Internet for cheap Crete car rentals, you can be truly sure that you got a good deal.

When searching online for cheap Crete car rentals, however, you have to keep in mind that you should be clear on the price that you will be getting. Make sure whether the price is the full price or not, and if you will need to pay extra for insurance. Though car rental companies will usually tell you if the fee they are charging you includes insurance, they often fail to mention the insurance they included is already full insurance or whether you have to pay more for it just to be safe on the road.

Bargaining for cheap Crete car rental

If you want a cheap Crete car rental, you would need to learn how to grab it for yourself. One of the better ways of getting it is by asking for a bargain outright. Just state your reasons why it would be more to the car rental agency’s advantage to grant you that bargain.

If you do not feel comfortable about bargaining, you should banish that discomfort from your mind. Most of the car rental companies in Crete are used to it and have years of experience dealing with customers asking for cheap bargains. Not only do they get thousands of inquiries from passersby every summer, but their inbox also gets full of emails from clients about the possibility getting a deal.

Car rental discounts

When you go to a car rental website, you would not always find announcements regarding discounts. But just because it is not advertised, it does not mean that it is not there. You just need to do some research and ask around for cheap Crete car rentals. It is always surprising to find that there are many discounts available to you if you just look around.

An example of getting unpublished discounts is when you book a holiday package that includes both hotel accommodations and car rental. If you compare packages like these to buying each separately, you would see that buying the package would be a better deal.

It is very common for hotels to have partnerships with local car rental companies and give customers better price for a full package. Deals like this do not get mentioned anywhere, so be sure to ask the car rental owner if there are packages like that available.

Another great source of discounts is your rewards club membership. Are you a member of a frequent flyer club, or does your credit card give reward points? Check if your reward points can be converted to discounts that will allow you to get cheap Crete rental cars.

Time your booking

Just like with most services offered in the hospitality industry, car rental rates vary according to the season. In order to make the process of renting a car easy, and to be able to snag a cheap Crete car rental deal, you should take advantage of some car renting policies such as the following:

  • If you are going to Crete during the peak season, make your booking well in advance to get a cheap Crete car rental rate. Prices rise as the peak season approaches, and so, it is highly likely that you would get a higher price for making a last minute reservation with the car rental agency instead of doing it months before.
  • If you are going to Crete after the peak season, it would be better to wait until a couple of weeks before you go to book your rental car. Most car rental companies announce special offers for September and October, right at the end of the peak season, and you may be able to get your hands on a cheap Crete car rental rate by then.


Loyalty pays a lot. If you are a frequent traveller to Crete, try to rent your car from the same car rental company every time you go to the island. Most car rental agencies have some form of loyalty program that rewards repeat customers with discounts and coupons. If you are lucky, you may even get some extra free days along with your cheap Crete car rental rate.

Long car rental

If your stay in Crete will take five days or so, it would be wiser for you to avail of weekly rates instead of the usual rate. Generally, the sixth and seventh day of the week are given at a discount price with weekly rates. Keep your eyes peeled for discounts like these when searching for cheap Crete car rentals.


When you sign a contract with a car rental agency, follow it to the letter. When the contract tells you to return the car you hired on a specific date and time, do it and do not be late. If you return it after the stipulated time, you will find yourself charged with additional fees equivalent to two days’ rent.

Choose the car you need

The cost of renting a car is never limited to just the rate that the rental company will charge you. It also includes the price of petrol. Thus, if you have a tight budget, if you are not travelling with someone else and if you do not have a lot of luggage with you, your chances of getting cheap Crete car rental costs will be better with hiring a compact, economy car.

It can be absolutely tempting to rent a bigger car if the daily rate is only a few dollars more than the rate of renting an economy car. However, you will see the difference when you pay for gasoline – economy cars consume far less fuel than bigger cars.

Well-known car rental companies are more expensive

As much as possible, whenever you are searching for cheap Crete car rentals, go for local car rental companies. They charge a lot less than well-known car rental agencies that have operations throughout Greece or even around the world. The car rental rates they give are more expensive because you would be paying not just for their services but also for your use of their brand. Also, you would be helping them shoulder their higher operating costs – which include maintaining office space at the Heraklion Airport.

For cheap Crete car rentals, always go local. You do not have to worry about having to take the public bus system to your hotel just because the local agency you rented a car from does not have an office at the airport. These local companies often deliver their cars to the Heraklion Airport, to any hotel and to any port within Crete for free.

You do not have to worry about quality of service either when going local. The smaller local companies give as good a quality of service as the one offered by their bigger competitors, if not better.

It is not hard to find cheap Crete car rental. You just need to know how to look for it.

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