Choose the Right Car for your Vacation in Crete

A Crete car rental is something that you would need if you plan to do some traipsing away from the premises of your hotel on your holidays in Crete. Not only would a rental car be convenient for your travels, but it would also give you a bit of flexibility in that you can go to wherever you want to go and whenever you wish to go.

However, if you are going to rent a car for your holidays in Crete, there are a number of things that you should consider before getting in touch with the car rental agency. Not all the cars that you would see in the Crete car rental company’s website or in its premises may be suitable for you.

How to choose the right car to rent

Whenever you visit a Crete car rental website, or any car rental website for that matter, you will always find a list of available vehicles that you can choose from. You will also find the car rental rates on the website, but these rates will often vary from the size and type of vehicle that you require.

In renting a car, there are a number of considerations that you need to weigh before making your final choice. Here is a short list:

  1. Seating capacity. The seating capacity of the car is one such factor to consider. If you are travelling alone, a small car would do, but if you are going with your family or a group on your holidays in Crete, an SUV or a van may be more suitable for you.
  2. Comfort and convenience. You should also factor in the things that you would need to make your driving a rental car more comfortable for you. Wiggle space inside the car is definitely desirable if you are a big person or if you have long legs. Will you be bringing a lot of luggage or some gear with you on your trip? Then you should get a rental car that has a large luggage capacity. Air conditioning is a must if you will be having your holidays in Crete in summer.
  3. Itinerary. Your itinerary is another essential thing that you should think about when choosing a rental car. A city car is all you will need if you will be spending your holidays in Crete within city limits. But if you will be travelling to the mountains or to other places where the road is rough, an off-road car may be more suitable for you.
  4. The most important consideration that you should have when choosing a rental car is your budget. Most Crete car rental agencies offer rates that you will find very affordable, but the rental rates are not the only fees that you have to worry about when you rent a car. There are fuel expenses to think about as well.

Types of rental rars to choose from

Browsing car rental websites will show you that there are so many cars that you can choose from if you want to rent a car for your holidays in Crete. Here are just some of them.

  • Small manual cars. Also called economy cars, the small manual cars are ideal for driving within city limits or for short distance outside the city, and are also very easy to park. If you are going to stay in the big cities of Crete, such as Heraklion, Chania, Agios Nikolaos and Rethymnon, the economy car is the better choice.
  • Economy cars are not fuel guzzlers. They are very practical, considering the price of petrol these days. Tourists on a shoestring budget often sacrifice the comfort of bigger cars in order to save gas on their travels. Check here for the cheapest petrol prices in Crete.
  • However, if you are bringing more than one bag with you, you would not find an economy car comfortable. You will not find your holidays in Crete enjoyable if you have to drive around the island with a suitcase in your seat.
  • Family cars. Family cars are typically cars with five seats or more. They are convenient for travelling with your family or with a small group. These cars are good for driving around in the city, but they can also perform well on rugged roads. You may need a stronger engine, however, if you are going to drive on the mountainous roads of Crete.
  • Four-wheel drive cars. Four-wheel drives are excellent if you are planning on visiting the remote areas of Crete, where the roads are really rough. With a four-wheel drive, you will be able to move freely and go just about anywhere in Crete without problems. The thing with four-wheel drive cars, on the other hand, is that they consume more fuel than the other cars. They are also noisier and have less luggage space than family cars. Most of all, the rates for renting them tend to be more expensive.
  • Automatic cars. While they are not that common in Crete, a Crete car rental agency is likely to have one or two of them in store for any client who wants them. There are two reasons why automatic vehicles are uncommon in Crete. One is that they are not suitable for the mountainous roads of the island, while the other is that they consume more petrol. Their car rental rates are also more costly.
  • Open-roof cars. The air in Crete is not as polluted as that in industrialized countries, so driving around in an open-roof car with the wind in your face may be an enjoyable experience, especially when you are going to a remote area.
  • Vans or SUVs. It is always fun to travel in big groups, but getting around together can be a problem. A solution that Crete car rental agencies offer comes in the form of vans or SUVs, vehicles with seven or even nine seats that can fit big groups comfortably.
  • Cars for wheelchair users. Among the three million visitors that Crete receives every year are people with disabilities and require the use of wheelchairs. While some of them manage with the more common car models, many Crete car rental companies have begun to cater to their needs by offering large, modified cars.
    One such car that these car rental agencies offer to their wheelchair-using clients is the Citroen Jumper. The Citroen Jumper is taller than a typical saloon car, with interior headroom of 1.88 metres. The disabled user would be able to ride this car comfortably and safely and there would be enough room for the accompanying caregiver.
    Minivans typically rented out to clients in wheelchairs often have room for the driver and two passengers on the front seat, three passengers on the middle area, and two wheelchair passengers at the back. These minivans have two front doors on the driver and passenger side, a sliding door for the passengers on the offside, and a rear door with a wheelchair lift platform.
    Our website does not sponsor any Crete car rental company that offers such specially fitted vehicles for disabled travellers, but you may use Google to search for “Crete car rental for wheelchair users”.
  • Luxury cars. Luxury cars or limousines are often used by visiting VIPs when they are being taken from the airport to their hotel. They are also rented during weddings. However, limousines have limited availability in Crete and are offered by only a small number of car rental companies. Always make sure that the car that you would be renting is the one that is suitable to your needs.

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