The feel of Crete by Birgit Smidt

After some days in Crete I am in complete peace with everything. The sun has given my skin a darker colour and at the same time burned problems away – or at least has driven them out of my head for now.

I have a feeling of mutual connection with the sea and the mountains I look at. I kind of step into the nature, which I look at and feel that it tells me a lot of things. I feel a harmony within me that reflects the calm and balance of the nature surrounding me. And I am in totally balance because the nature around me is calm and in balance.

The sun will soon say goodnight, but it has promised to be here and smile to me again tomorrow. The sea whispers that it will continue to relieve all evil and sing me into sleep. The mountains are faithful and will stay in their fantasy formations in all eternity. Soon come the bats to keep me company. But they will have sharp competition from cicadas, frogs, mosquitoes and many other animals, telling me how they see the things I see.


The people that live in these beautiful and giving surroundings all year round have themselves become beautiful and giving in their minds. Just as the surroundings they wish to tell of and share in, the exuberance that fills them every day.

You can only get attracted – as a magnet – by all of this. A strong magnet, which maintains the soul and continues to load it with positive energy.

This positive loading just smiles at you , an almost conspiring smile back just to confirm that you have heard and understood all the words, that you have felt the energy and will want to give back, that you have seen and will remember.

Eternity shows itself, exists, but to prevent the soul from disappearing into it come the mountains to maintain it – for an eternity. The mountains have themselves seen eternity and tell thousand year old stories about nature, which once was about the people and the animals, which once lived in the same eternity, yet which was not eternal after all. And still, they are yet here in the layers of the cliffs, which again tell of other happiness, another energy, another soul and how they all once met.

rock layers

Eternity tells that it is not yet consummated. The time will continue, get new energy, which will be used in an as unknown way. Souls will meet again and again, souls from the inner of people and the inner of the mountains and the sea and they will create a future from the past.

The silence mixes with the colours and the scents from the thousands of different flowers and fruits and makes itself available to those who want to receive.

Dimension after dimension almost overwhelm the soul’s senses. Scent is received and sent back through the eyes. Sound is received and sent back through the skin. The warmth is absorbed and sent back with the smile. Colours mix in front of you and inside you and make your mind easy and fill it with all the light colours that exist.

Every second is stored inside you and you try to secure them all. But the seconds keep on coming, they stand in line to get a place. At last the oldest must give its place for the more colourful ones, those with more scent, the strongest.

Impressions compete for a place in the haunted soul, good impressions try with great strength to crowd out the bad ones, who so long have had the power. The longer you listen to eternity, the mountains, the plants and the silence the less power goes to the dark and you are filled with light instead.

God must have been in a good mood when he created this place and let it be a place where history is created equally with colours, scents and an inner strength and balance.

Forever past and present will meet and unite and create a future with new power. If eternity wants it, it will go on forever. More and more will contribute to eternity – people, animals, plants. Eternity will change and leave footprints in the environment, the future will become the past.

footprints on a rock by the sea

NOTE: This article was written in Agia Pelagia by Birgit Smidt

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