Nerantze Mosque in Rethymnon

Retracing our footsteps along the paved road and turning left this time, we find ourselves in front of the Nerantze Mosque or Gazi Hussein Mosque. The original Venetian building was the church of the Augustinian Priory, dedicated to the Virgin.

Nerantze mosque in rethymnon

In 1657 the town had fallen to the Turks and the church was converted into a mosque with the addition of three domes, but retaining its original elaborate entrance.

The chapel of the Body of Christ west of the church was turned into a madrassa (religious school) at the same time.

In 1890, shortly before Crete became an autonomous state, work began there on the tallest minaret in Rethymnon. The minaret was very well built, with two balconies for the call to prayer.

Today the Nerantze Mosque houses the Municipal Odeon, run by the Association for the Propagation of the Arts.

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