Authentic Village Boutique Hotel, Chora Sfakion

The Authentic Village Boutique Hotel is located in Chora Sfakion, just 100 meters from Vrissi Beach and less than 1 kilometer from Ilingas Beach.

hotel authentic village in chora sfakion in south crete

The hotel embraces a philosophy centered around the utmost comfort and satisfaction of its guests. From every angle, the influence of Cretan culture, heritage, and architecture is evident, providing a holistic view of the Cretan lifestyle.

Constructed with local grey stone and wood, the materials contribute to a sense of warmth, tranquility, and romance. The entire building harmoniously blends with the surrounding physical environment, preserving the captivating landscape and the local essence.

The Authentic Village is a true embodiment of Cretan tradition, offering unforgettable and personalized experiences.

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