King Minos and Queen’s Apartments

We continue to the reconstructed upper floor of King Minos’ Megaron in the East Wing of the Knossos Palace.

Knossos King Minos Megaron

King Minos Apartments

King Minos’ apartments are also known as the Hall of the Double Axes, from the characteristic symbols on the walls. The room is particularly well-built, of stones without mortar.

The Megaron is comprised of the main room with “polythyra” (multiple doorways) and surrounding corridors providing light and air.

Knossos Knig Minos Apartments
View of the King’s Megaron from the south

In the west corridor are the remains of an impressive throne, now protected by a glass partition. There were once frescoes on the walls, and some parts remain of the “Figure-of-Eight Shields”, the “Argonaut” and the “Bull”.

Map of Knossos Palace

King Minos’ Apartments: No 11

Apartments of the Queen: No 12

map of Knossos Palace

Apartments of the Queen

Interior view of the Queen’s Apartments in Knossos, which are smaller than the King’s but equally luxurious.

Knossos Queen's Apartments

The Queen’s Apartments contained windows, benches, a corridor and secondary rooms in which were found a bathroom with running water, and sarcophagi. On the back wall is a copy of the “Dolphin Fresco”.

On the upper floor, in a small shrine, was found the ivory treasure.

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