Giant Minoan Pithoi and Drainage System of Knossos

The Magazine of the Giant Minoan Pithoi

Giant Minoan Pithoi in Knossos

The Magazine of the Giant Minoan Pithoi is dated to the Protopalatial Period (2000-1700 BC). The pots are impressively large, and many visitors notice the many handles on the body of the heavy pithoi, through which ropes were passed for transportation.

It must be stressed that the Minoans were famous for their highly-developed seamanship and trade links, extending from the Middle East to Egypt and the Aegean Islands. Much ink has been spilt on the subject of the Minoan thalassocracy.

To the north was the potters’ quarter. At the north-east corner of the palace were the Protopalatial Magazines.

The Drainage System of the Palace of Knossos

original clay pipe used in Knossos Palace
original clay pipe found in Knossos Palace

In the East Wing of the Palace of Knossos, the drainage system of stone ducts can be seen clearly. Similar impressively advanced water and sewage drainage systems are found in the other Minoan palaces.

This pottery duct is made of a male and a female part that slot into one another, creating a watertight seal. Clay ducts were used in Crete until the mid-20th century. Water was transferred to Knossos along a ten-kilometre-long aqueduct from the Archanes Springs.

Map of Knossos Palace

The Giant Minoan Pithoi = No 12

map of Knossos Palace

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