Phaistos West Magazines

The West Magazines or storerooms

In the sacred West Wing of the Palace of Phaistos are the west magazines or storerooms. Their location here is no coincidence, but indicates the importance of trade to the Minoans.

These storerooms were not used for goods intended only for local consumption, but chiefly for export goods.

West Magazines in Phaistos

The magazines are small rooms on either side of a long, narrow corridor. Here were placed the rows of tall pithoi (storage jars) containing various solid and liquid goods. Here, too, the Minoans’ attention to detail and foresight is impressive; as they angled the floor so that any liquids spilled during decanting would collect in a special hollow. This construction is also seen in the magazines of the Palace of Malia.

On the central pillar and walls of the magazines, incised symbols such as crosses, spirals, etc. are clearly visible. These were connected to worship and expressed the sanctity evident throughout the Palace of Phaistos.

map of Phaistos archaeological site

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