Kalamaki in South Crete

Kalamaki is a popular seaside resort in Heraklion Prefecture, in southern Crete. Kalamaki is 67 kilometres south of Heraklion, very close to Kamilari, Matala and Phaistos.

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Kalamaki is a pretty typical tourist destination in southern Crete. It’s not exactly beautiful but it does meet the needs of its summer visitors with its lovely beach, tavernas, hotels, rooms and apartments for rent.

Panorama of Kalamaki

Kalamaki has no history; there was no village here before 1970. You won’t see any traditional houses or specific architectural style here, as opposed to neighbouring Kamilari, where everything testifies to the long history of the village.

Kalamaki is built along the great beach of Messara Bay, the largest beach in southern Crete. The resort is expanding rapidly and has already spread out over the nearby hills, in a landscape strongly reminiscent of African desert.

The central position of Kalamaki in southern Crete gives it the great advantage of offering quick and easy access to many tourist spots and archaeological sites, such as Matala, Kommos, Phaistos, Agia Galini and many other places.

In just a few minutes’ drive you can visit traditional villages in the Messara Plain or enjoy a dip off one of the many lovely beaches of southern Crete.

How to get to Kalamaki

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Kalamaki is 67 km southwest of Heraklion, 9 km south of Tymbaki and about 12 km from Matala.

From Heraklion to Kalamaki, take the road from Heraklion to Mires and Tymbaki. Shortly before Tymbaki, turn left onto the road to Kamilari. Kalamaki is the harbour of Kamilari and about 3 km west of it.

From Chania and Rethymno to Kalamaki, take the Spili – Agia Galini – Tymbaki road. About 2 km after Tymbaki turn right towards Kamilari and Kalamaki.

Buses to Kalamaki. In the summer there are regular buses to Mires and Tymbaki. From there you can take another bus or a taxi to Tymbaki. It’s only short distance so it won’t cost much.

Kalamaki on the map

satellite map of kalamaki

Kalamaki is ideal for holidays for…

sunset at kalamaki beach

Kalamaki hasn’t got the nightlife and bustle of neighbouring Matala, but it is quite busy and touristy.

It’s a place for young people and families who want to relax and enjoy swimming in the Libyan Sea, gazing out at the Paximadi Islands.
Nobody can feel crowded on the large beach of Kalamaki. Children can play safely, while adults can enjoy the spectacular sunsets.

Holidays in Kalamaki are also ideal for people who want to visit the famous nearby tourist resorts such as Matala and Agia Galini, or those who would like to combine fun and history. There are major archaeological sites in the area (Phaistos, Agia Triada, Gortys), while the scenery of the Bay of Mesara will satisfy even the hardest to please.


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