Taxis in Crete, Taxi fares for airport transfers

Taxis in Crete

Taxis are quite cheap in Greece, so they can be considered a very convenient way of moving around in Crete. Using a taxi in the cities of Heraklion or Chania will rarely cost more than 3 €.

taxi in crete

Taxi fare structures are the same all over Greece and they are regulated by the Greek State. Taxis in cities and bigger towns MUST use the meter and the driver has to switch it on when you get in. If he forgets to do so, then ask him to.

Taxi Tariffs:

There are two basic tariffs: Tariff 1 and Tariff 2. Depending on the time of day and the journey the driver must select the correct rate. Tariff 1 is the “day rate” used from 5.00 am to 12.00 pm and Tariff 2 is the night rate valid from 12.00 pm to 5.00 am. Also, tariff number 1 is used within the limits of the town or city where the taxi is registered and tariff number 2 is used outside that zone.

Tipping taxi drivers in Greece is optional but common.

If you get a taxi at the airport or the port and you intend to travel a long distance, then ask the driver how much he expects the fare to cost. By doing so you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Also, remember that in the arrival halls of the airports or at the taxi stands outside the airport there are boards with the taxi fares to the most popular destinations.

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Taxi fares for transfers from Heraklion airport and Chania airport to various towns in Crete

All prices are indicative, in Euro and they are valid since March 1, 2007. NO extra surcharges should apply to these prices, for example: luggage surcharge or radio-taxi call surcharge.

ATTENTION: a 5% increase on taxi fares was announced on May 19, 2008. The new updated taxi prices will be online soon.

From Heraklion Airport to: 
Agia Galini69
Agia Pelagia28
Agios Nikolaos50
Chora Sfakion110
Kalo Horio (Istron)56
Kokkini Hani17
Palaikastro (Sitia)120
Rethymnon town61
From Chania Airport to: 
Almirida – Plaka30
Chania city15
Chora Sfakion70
Heraklion airport113
Heraklion city103

You can hail a taxi in the street or book one by phoning a local cab company, although there is a small surcharge for this service. You can also get a taxi from a taxi stand. There are several taxi stands in each town, usually in the most central locations.

It is not uncommon for other people to get into the taxi together with you, or for the taxi driver to stop along the way to collect more passengers, provided that the route is convenient for all. Some taxi drivers will ask your permission for this and you may withhold it – but don’t forget that taxi fares are cheap in Greece and this is the way for taxi drivers to make a better living. This is common practice and you should not hesitate to hail a taxi with 1-2 passengers in it and tell the driver where you want to go. In very busy roads it is preferable that you hail the taxi and point to the direction you want to go at the same time. This will let the taxi driver know if your destination is convenient for his other passengers too and he will avoid unnecessary stops. Sharing the taxi with more passengers does not mean that you will share the fare between you.

In Athens it may prove very difficult to get a taxi during the rush hours, especially in main avenues. In this case try to get an already half-full taxi but don’ t expect for the driver to stop and ask you where you go. Hail the taxi and wait till it approaches you and slows down and then, shout your destination to the driver.

The taxis in smaller towns and villages do not use the meter but the price is fixed according to the distance. Another option is to take such a taxi to the main city of the district early in the morning and return with the same taxi in the afternoon. In this case you will share the taxi with other passengers and you will be asked to pay for what is in effect a fixed price ticket.

Common Questions about taxis in Greece

Do all taxis in Greece look the same?

Taxis in different cities in Greece have different colours: Athens: yellow, Heraklion: grey, Agios Nikolaos: grey, Rethymnon: white, Chania: the lower half of the car is dark blue and the upper half is white.

Are there women taxi drivers?

Yes, but not many. In Crete it is still very rare.

Do taxi drivers speak English or German?

Most of them speak basic English or German.

Do taxi drivers overcharge?

Sometimes they do. Complaints about service or concerns about being overcharged should be directed to the Tourist Police (tel 171). When calling to state a complaint, be sure to report the taxi driver’ s license number. At the airport, contact the Airport Traffic Police.

Useful Greek Words for getting a taxi in Greece

  • taxi = taxi
  • taxi stand = piatsa taxi
  • taxi meter = taximetro ( e as in egg)
  • tariff = tarifa
  • Chania = Hania
  • Heraklion = Iraklio
  • Rethymnon = Rethimno (th as in throne)
  • airport = aerothromio (th as in this)
  • port = limani
  • where do you go? = pou pas?, pou pate? (more polite)
  • how much is it? = poso kanei?
  • I want to go to… = Thelo na pao…, ( th as in throne, e as in “egg”)
  • Thank You = Efharisto
  • keep the change = kratise ta resta, ( e as in egg)

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