Hotels in Crete, Plenty of Accommodation Choices

Crete’s hotel scene is as varied as the island itself. Whether you’re looking for luxury resorts with every amenity, charming boutique hotels in historic buildings, budget options or family-orientated accommodation, Crete has it all.

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Top Luxury Hotels in Crete

For those seeking the ultimate in luxury, Crete’s high-end hotels offer world-class service, exquisite dining and unparalleled views. Indulge in spas, private beaches and suites that are the epitome of comfort and style.

Budget accommodation in Crete

Travelling on a budget? No problem. Crete offers plenty of affordable accommodation, from cosy guesthouses to self-catering apartments, ensuring a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

Family Friendly Hotels in Crete

Families are well catered for in Crete, with many hotels offering family rooms, children’s entertainment and facilities such as pools and playgrounds to ensure that guests of all ages have a memorable stay.

Romantic getaways: Crete’s Best Choices.

For couples, Crete’s romantic hotels offer intimate settings, breathtaking views and special services such as couples massages, providing the perfect backdrop for romance.

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Unique accommodation: Experience Crete differently.

From traditional Cretan houses to modern eco-retreats, Crete has a range of unique accommodations that offer an alternative to the typical hotel experience.

Beachfront Bliss: Hotels on Crete’s Coast*.

Stay right on the beach and wake up to the sound of the waves. Crete’s coastline is dotted with hotels offering direct beach access and stunning sea views.

Mountain retreats in Crete

Do you prefer the cooler air of the mountains? Crete’s mountain retreats offer tranquillity and stunning natural scenery, perfect for those looking to get away from it all.

Crete’s Boutique Hotels: Personalised Experiences.

Boutique hotels in Crete are all about personalised service and a unique atmosphere. Often set in beautifully restored buildings, they offer a distinctive and memorable stay.

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Eco-Friendly Stays in Crete

For the environmentally conscious traveller, Crete offers eco-friendly accommodation options that focus on sustainability without compromising on comfort.

Historic Hotels: Crete’s Timeless Charm.

Stay in a piece of history. Crete’s historic hotels, often set in beautifully restored buildings, offer a unique way to experience the island’s rich past.

Food and Dining at Crete Hotels.

Crete’s cuisine is a highlight of any visit. Many hotels offer excellent dining options, using local ingredients and traditional recipes to give you a taste of the island’s culinary delights.

Spa and wellness hotels in Crete

Relax and rejuvenate at one of Crete’s spa and wellness hotels. These establishments offer treatments and facilities designed to promote relaxation and well-being.

Adventure and Activity Hotels in Crete.

For those seeking an active holiday, Crete’s adventure and activity hotels offer easy access to activities such as hiking, diving and cycling.

Business and Conference Facilities in Crete Hotels*.

Crete is also well equipped for business travellers, with many hotels offering conference facilities and services tailored to the needs of professionals.

Accessibility in Crete Hotels.

Many hotels in Crete have been designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that all travellers can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free stay.

Cultural and Themed Hotels in Crete

Immerse yourself in Cretan culture. Some hotels offer themed experiences, from art-focused accommodation to those centred around local traditions.

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Crete

Travelling with a pet? Several hotels in Crete welcome furry friends, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy their holiday.

Seasonal considerations when booking in Crete

Crete is a year round destination but each season offers something different. Find out the best time to visit depending on what you want to experience.

Traveller Reviews: Trusted Insight.

Hear from those who’ve been there. Traveller reviews offer valuable insight into what to expect from different accommodations.

Sustainable Tourism and Accommodation

Discover how accommodation in Crete contributes to sustainable tourism and preserves the island’s natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Crete Hotel Booking Tips & Tricks

Get the best deals and ensure a smooth booking process with these tips and tricks for securing your ideal accommodation in Crete.

FAQs about hotels and accommodation in Crete

Which are the best areas for first time visitors to Crete?: Popular areas for first-time visitors include Chania, with its picturesque old town and harbour; Heraklion, known for the Palace of Knossos and vibrant city life; Rethymno, which offers a blend of history and beautiful beaches; and Agios Nikolaos, which is charming and less crowded.

Are there all-inclusive resorts in Crete?: Yes, Crete offers a number of all-inclusive resorts, particularly in areas such as Hersonissos, Elounda and Platanias. These resorts cater for a range of budgets and tastes and offer amenities such as pools, restaurants and entertainment.

Are there eco-friendly hotels in Crete?: Crete is home to several eco-friendly hotels that focus on sustainability. These hotels often use renewable energy sources, offer organic food and practice water conservation. They are scattered throughout the island, usually in rural areas such as Apokoronas near Chania or in the mountainous areas of central Crete.

What is the average cost of hotel accommodation in Crete?: Costs vary greatly depending on location, type of accommodation and time of year. On average, prices can range from €50 to €200 per night. Luxury resorts and villas can cost more, especially during high season.

Are Crete’s hotels suitable for families with children?: Many hotels in Crete are family-friendly, offering amenities such as kids’ clubs, family rooms and activities for children. Beachfront hotels and resorts are particularly popular with families.

What unique accommodation options are available in Crete?: In addition to standard hotels and resorts, Crete offers unique accommodations such as traditional villas, boutique hotels, agritourism experiences and even stays in historic buildings. These options offer a more authentic and personalised experience of Cretan culture and lifestyle.

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