A day in Spili – Day 24

Woke up at 07.30. Had a fantastic breakfast in Green Hotel. What a nice service ! As I said yesterday, this is the place to be !

the fountain with lion heads in spili. crete

At 09.30 I met Elida at Georgos cafenion in the center of Spili and we had coffee, while I was waiting for an internet connection. I finished my work on internet at about 12.00 and I had a relaxed day..

Gayner and Sandra joined me at 12.30 with the animal mobile clinic. We had Greek salad (choriatiki) together and decided to drive to Agia Galini. Gayner would bring me back to Spili around 18.00 where I had an appointment with Keith and Kate who accommodate me for the night.

In Agia Galini we went to “Ilios” the cafenion from Susanna and Manolis.. We met all my friends there and made some good work for Animal Welfare.. Thank you all there !! We had coffee and some nice “meze”, made by Manolis. Trish, Irene, Brian, Susanna and Manolis waved us goodbye and I saw a smile on Gayners lips.. Nice.

Back in Spili I provide Elida with leaflets and joined Keith, Kate and their black dog “Blue”. They live really nice in their renovated old Cretean house (I saw the pictures from before). Bravo paidia !!

Around 19.00 we went for a traditional Cretan meal about 6 km from Spili.. Good idea, guys, much appreciated ! When we returned it was quiet in the village of Spili, where the commercial life in the center had ceased.

From the roof terrace of “the Robinsons” one can overlook the entire village, colorful illuminated. It is full moon and I imagine the village without lights… Shouldn’ t that be the perfect picture to go with a peaceful night?

Tomorrow, I’ll walk to Sellia, where other great people are waiting for me. I am sure the animals will benefit of all this. Goodnight !

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