Walk from Chania to Kalives

Walk around Crete in 50 days: Day 40 from Chania to Kalives

Chania to Kalives

Number of steps   34060
Burned calories  1241
Distance  26 km
Walking time  04h 37′
Pulse at arrival  110
Weather: Very sunny,  no wind,  average 25C

Woke up at 07.00. Breakfast with Marianne, her daughter Virginia was still asleep. It is quiet in the center of Mournies, where Marianne lives.

A taxi brings me to the old center of Ghania at 08.00, where I’ll explore a bit before leaving the city on the south-east side, direction Kalami and Kalives.

It is 08.30 when I arrive at the harbor and directly meet Michalis (mike), working in a taverna there. Mike was working in Agia Roumeli, and I know him from my Samaria walks.. I have an “elleniko sketto” with him and we chat about the coming season. He won’t return to his formal job and stays in Chania… Better job, more money, he says..

At 09.00 I start my exploration through the old town.. Lots of snow on the White Mountains, I can see this from the other side of the harbor. Fab panorama, just behind the old city.. Many houses are built on the old Venetian walls.. Leaving Chania, I met (by coincidence) Norma and a friend. Norma was joining me for a while (together with other people) when I was walking into Paleochora.. Nice to see her back.

It is 10.10 and I am out of the center and joining the east “old road”, looking for my “star” in Kalives.

At 12.35 I am at the British War Cemetry in Souda..1527 soldiers are buried here… It is 26C but I feel realy cold. English, Canadian, Australian, New Zealanders… all victimes of a cruel war… It makes me very quiet. I show my respect by signing the visitors book.. No more war, please ! Souda cemetry is a very green, well maintained place.. May they rest in peace.

Passing the Souda center (13.20) it is very busy..Everybody cleaning, painting… getting ready for the tourist season, while in the big harbor, ferrys are waiting for their passengers.

13.35 Passing the military base of Souda, almost no space to walk and very dangerous.. but, I have a fantastic view on the huge and beautiful bay of Souda.

14.55 I am in Kalami now and call Carolina Pouliadaki, www.livingincrete.net   We will meet in Kalives at 15.30. Passing the old Prison (Filaki) of Kalami (1959) and, on top of the hill, the ruins of a Turkish Castle. Arriving in Kalives, on time !, and Carolina is already waiting for me. She is “livingincrete” for 19 years now and very satisfied. Perfect host..!

At “Platanos” I have a coke (refreshment) with her and we drive to “Costas house”, where I will spend the night. Carolina brought me bread, yogurt, feta, coffee… In the fridge water and two “Mythos”.. How does she know ? Perfect service.. After a hot shower, we drive to Almirida for a nice, traditional meal..at the seaside. I see a sign “fresh fish, special for today”.. Tomorrow the same.. Very friendly people, in “Dimitris” taverna and perfect service ! I enjoyed my “tete-a tete” very much, just excellent !

Carolina drove me back around 20.30 and I loved the peaceful and cosy “Costas house”. Thank you all, Elizabeth (Pure Crete), Carolina, Costa.. Ta leme and I’ll keep in touch, because we are all “LIVINGINCRETE” !  Tomorrow a hard walk is waiting for me…

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