Day 48 in Heraklion

Woke up at 09.30 and made myself a coffee. Verena was still sleeping… Yannis, my webmaster, came at 10.30. Verena was still dreaming and we decided not to wake her up and go to visit some friends of Yannis, for a coffee.

12.30 We returned to Verena’s and she was awake! A lazy day was more than welcome… Lucky that I did not have to walk… Violent south wind with a lot of dust, making the sky yellow and orange… The end of the world.. Nooooo! I have to walk two more days! The wind became more violent, really scary.. I have never seen this before on Crete ! Almost no visibility..

After the coffee at Verena’s we visited the Official Animal Welfare shelter of the City of Heraklion.. It was Sunday, 13.30 and the place was closed.. We saw many dogs and could notice that a lot of work had been done, and will be done, to improve the situation of the strays.. Very promissing.. People are working constantly, assisted by a permanent helping vet.. The time we were there, they had their break I suppose.

We left and went looking at the shelter that Verena is keeping:

dogs from the shelter of Verena Wels in Crete

More primitive, but all dogs (18) were clean, well treated and well fed and had fresh water. Verena really cares for these animals and brings them afterwards to the ArcheNoah in Chania. She gets also some support from them.

We left at about 14.30 to look for a meal in a traditional taverna, near the Heraklion harbor.. At 16.30 Yannis brought me back to my “caravan”, where I tried to get some rest… No way, the violent wind was shaking “my residence” constantly… My God, what a weather…

19.30 With Verena I drove to Heraklion to see some people for a meeting.. I listened and explained about my walk, talking about my experiences so far.. Did not quite understand the meaning of this meeting, but the hospitality (thank you Jorgos and Kostas !) was fab.. Food (all
kinds) and drinks… Just perfect !

At 23.00 Verena and me drove back home (me to my “caravan”) and I had a very peaceful night.. Tomorrow I’ll walk to Gournes and will be awaited by press and TV in Heraklion in the morning… I’ll stay at Zorbas appartments for the night… Nearly home..

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