Grand Staircase and East Court

The Grand Staircase of Knossos

The monumental Grand Staircase of Knossos leads to the Royal Apartments, and it is considered a miracle of architecture. Here we must note the importance of light wells, an integral feature of Minoan palatial architecture. This part of the palace is now closed to visitors, due to conservation and protection concerns.

Knossos Grand Staircase

The Royal Apartments were built into the hillside and are therefore preserved to a reasonable height. The east side of the Palace was five floors high, while the west side, from which we enter Knossos, was three floors high, according to Evans.

The Grand Staircase has two wings and is framed by a colonnade supporting the superstructure. The two lower levels are original, while the two upper have been restored. The width, height and slight inclination of the steps make the staircase particularly easy to use.

Map of Knossos Palace

Grand Staircase = No 09

East Court = No 10

map of Knossos Palace

The Southeast Section of the Palace

Here we see the southeast section of the Palace of Knossos, dating to the earliest phase of the palace (2000-1700 BC).

Knossos southeast side of the Palace

The Southeast House is characterized by thick walls on the ground floor, small rooms, and a central pillar that supports the ceiling and the upper floor.

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