Walk from Ziros to Makrigialos

Walk around Crete in 50 days – Day 11 from Ziros to Makrigialos

from Ziros to Makrigialos

Number of steps 31155
Burned calories 1108
Distance 23,6 km
Walking hours 4h 07′
Pulse at arrival 92
Weather: Very cold at the beginning, warmer in the middle of the walk, cold at the end with heavy North West winds

Wake up at 07.00 in a cold (10C) room. No electricity = NO HOT WATER. Quick wash and get dressed for breakfast in ‘Paradosiaki’ taverna. Bread, honey and hot coffee. Very fresh bread, I must say. We paid and left..

‘O Makrigialos eine aristera..’ (Makrigialos is to the left) said the lady, serving us the breakfast. Endaxi, pame. Only Andy is joining me today. Alan goes with the support car because of a knee problem..He will join me later on my walk again. Andy and me started at 08.45. Weather is ok but still cold ! Sunny and 7C, because of the North winds.

At 09.30 we arrive at Handras, old village in a superb valley…Bit warmer now (9C)..

In Armenia we spotted a small barn.. Lots of smoke was coming out and we thought it was on fire… As we came nearer, a man was standing outside… I guess he had not seen water for years..He lived there, in the smoke, with just a fire of wood.. No windows…only a hole in the wall…! He had nothing and waited for food, people gave him… What a shame ! Is there really nobody to help this poor man… Could not get more info and had to walk on.. .Out of respect I did not take any pictures.

At 10.15 we passed the old Venetian village of Etia. Owned by the DE MEZZO family in 1701, but existing already in the Byzantine period. Etia was severely damaged under the Turkish rule. The Venetian Serago Estate was serving as the house of Turkish officials and as a fortress against the revolutions. It looks like it had been restored. We left Etia at 10.35 and turned onto a dirt road direction village of Lithines. Splendid nature and away from the main road (no cars) .

11.05 we joined the main road again, leaving the village of Vori behind us.

11.25 the village of Lithines. Quiet and resting in an oasis of green in the middle of a superb valley ! In the cafenion of Haris Hristodoulakis we drink coffee. Andy ‘nescafe’ and me, my daily ‘elleniko sketto’. It was getting warmer and even 25C in the sun. A paradise to rest a bit and to enjoy this fantastic nature.

We leave the cafenion at 12.00 and arrive 15′ later at the Pervolakia Gorge. We stayed on top of the gorge, leaving the main road again for ‘Agios Georgos’ From there we’ll go to Analipsi.. Lovely nature with hundreds of all kinds of orchids (Pappilonacae, Barlia etc…) What a nice present ! Never saw so many orchids together…! Nearly at the end of the gorge, but sadly, a lot of rubbish… Shame !

At 14.00 we walked into Analipsi, another 30′ to Makrigialos. Behind us a huge storm, thunder and lightning…We escaped pretty well !

Arriving at Makrigialos I met Abbe, Steve and Christina. We had a nice chat and I drove home with Steve and Christina to stay overnight at their place in Ferma. They will bring me back to Makrigialos tomorrow.. Lovely people…

Christina, Andy and Alan drove home with the support car. Abbe made appointment for tomorrow with me. At Steve and Christina’s I had a nice warm bath, a superb dinner and good wine… Ella from Mirtos joined us and will meet me in Ierapetra again. Just wonderful persons, all of them ! After a very hard walk, I got this good feeling, people taking care for the good cause, and me……I’ll have a fine night !

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