Walk from Mirtos to Arvi

Walk around Crete in 50 days – Day 14 from Mirtos to Arvi

from Mirtos to Arvi

Number of steps 25518
Burned calories 917,5
Distance 19,3 km
Walking time 3h 24′
Weather: sunny, sometimes cloudy up to 27C ! No wind
Pulses at arrival 94

Yesterday evening I had another conversation with Ella. She showed me pictures of a dog she rescued with a puppie collar around his neck. The collar caused a lot of damage and had to be cut out by a vet. The animal is now recovering at the vets house and will go to “the Haven” afterwards. Ella is very well organized and keeps files of every dog she helps. In Mirtos I did not see so many strays. , All the strays are poisened, she said. Perhaps my project can help to sensitize people not to do this anymore..To me, Ella deserves more support (read money) because she really fights to bring the Mirtos situation to an acceptible level for stray dogs and cats. Keep up the good work, Ella, we will help you !

I woke up at 08.00 and had breakfast with Ella. Boiled eggs, jam, fresh bread, filter coffee, bananas and fresh orange.. Great. And this all by the seaside. Then at 09.00 we drank coffee (my elleniko sketo), at cafenion Ermioni. The lady of the house (Ermione) told me she had her third grandchild yesterday.. She looks very young to me for that !

Ella was called by a man (cretan) telling he found a wounded dog on the road. They found out that the dog was poisoned… She told him to wait, she had antidote. He did not wait and brought the animal to the vet at Ierapetra himself.. Good work and I hope they could save the dog. I left this little paradise with a bit pain in my heart. Go on, Ella.. It is for a good cause.

I start my lonely beach walk to Arvi. I am by myself and enjoy so much this wonderful, pure nature. It is cloudy but warm, no wind and 24C ! I walk along eroded rocks having the most artistic shape, I saw so far. Nature is a great artist ! It is the only ,person, with whom I will never have an argument. Wishing I could marry her.. Undescribable feeling takes possesion of me. That is why I came to live on Crete !

Passing a small house, I am welcomed by 5 dogs, friendly barking and not tied ! This is good. The animals are happy and well fed, the people of the house are friendly too. A few hundred meters further, two barrel dogs, chained and guarding some greenhouses. They have food and water.

10.50 I reach the village of Vatos and have to cross a river. Nice little church on my right. Only one house on the left. These people live only from their crops. I am walking on a dirt road, listening to the rolling stones (not the music), landing again and again on the small beaches. Extremely relaxing

11.00 I am at Kalikovrethi, a small area with greenhouses. It is getting warmer, sun says hello, 26C

11.30 Arrival at Tertsa. 40 people living here. They live mostly from tourism, olives and vegetables production. I spoke to Irini and Jorgos (they are not married, but sitting together), living in Tertsa for 50 years now. We have the clock, but they have the… time ! Live is very easy here. I drink a small ,elleniko sketto, and chat a bit with Jorgos who shows me the right way to Arvi. At the local cafenion people come to look at this strange man, walking around Crete: “Me ta podia ?? (on foot?) Unbelievable !” they all say. Talking about a paradise, Tertsa is the place ! I leave these lovely people at 11.50 The only words I still hear are , Katse, na piume kafedaki, so nice !

12.00 I have to leave the seaside and follow the dirt road around the cliffs. I am now privileged to a real “bird” concert and can not resist to a fresh orange..The dirt road ends and I have to cross a really wild piece for about 500 m Wrong way ? Well I see the road beneath me, no problem.. Nice climb anyway. I am still walking away from the coastline and following a very steep and climbing road. Can’t resist to a fresh tomato now ! Everywhere people collecting and selecting them. This is “tomatostan” !

13.10 I am at the village of Sindonia, crossing an olive field to join the main road to Arvi. Another 4 km… Everywhere music and fiesta. It is Kathari Deftera ! A woman offers me two fresh oranges.. Very juicy oranges ! People are working in the greenhouses..I check the temperature with my wrist computer…60C ! The heat is terrible and almost no ventilation. Outside it is 27C now.

I get the first glimpse of Arvi passing the village of Psari Forada. Only few people enjoying the green valley and some perfect barbecue (lobster) ! A donkey gets wild when he see me.. It does not know I am walking for the animals ! The sea gets wilder, its cloudy and the temperature drops to 20C.

14.45 arriving in Arvi. Finally, my 2,5l of water is gone ! Guido, Christina and Hans-Jurgen were waiting for me and we were welcomed with some local wine..A party was going on in the center and we got an immediate invitation ! I took my overnight place, some friends of Guido’s offered me a room in their appartments , Kolimbi, We had a nice meal in a local taverna and my friends drove home.. In Arvi the fiesta goes on but I look for my bed.

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