Walk from Lentas to Pitsidia

Walk around Crete in 50 days – Day 20 from Lentas to Pitsidia

lentas to pitsidia

Number of steps 24821
Burned calories 989
Distance 18,6 km
Walking hours 03h 40′
Pulse at arrival 95
Weather: Sunny, warm, strong wind in the beginning Average 24C

Woke up at 07.00 Breakfast was “paximadi’, cheese, orange juice and tea. Christina drove me to Kali Limenes, using the dirt road on the coastline. I started my walk at 09.15 and did not feel any pain anymore.. Lucky that I redesigned my walk a bit and did not listen to the local info.. Lentas – Kali Limenes is 19,6 km ! The locals were speaking of “only” 10 km !

So I started from the harbor of Kali Limenes. A long climb to the Monastery of Odigitria on a dirt road. From Odigitria I’ll go to Listaros, Sivas (which I know already..) and to Pitsidia. Blue sky and 20 C. I fight again a strong wind..On the road to the monastery I spot a lot of rubbish.. Pitty. Again a beautiful view on the Psiloritis which seems not willing to give up the snow on its top !

10.05 I am at a junction where I find a barrel dog, living in an old water tank.. No food and water, just an empty “frigo box”. What is he guarding? I can not understand it. He does not even bark at me and is afraid. I am sad and walk on. The valley is green and occupied by shepherds. Lots of goats and sheep. I am walking next to the “Holy gorge” and enjoying the games of the young goats. Real artists. Mother is looking from a distance and watching me carefully. I cross the river, walking in the water. Relaxing sound of the small waterfalls.

10.45 another barrel dog, with NO barrel.. No shelter, just a tree. No food or water. Sad again.. I met many Cretans, coming down from Listaros, Sivas, Pitsidia to Kali Limenes, for a meal. It is Sunday, they are all by car.

11.00 Another barrel dog living in a water tank. No food around, but ful basket of water this time. Wonder what he is guarding anyway.

11.10 I spot Odigitria Monastery on a hill, overlooking the green valley. Because it is Sunday, there is a celebration here. Lots of locals going in and out.

11.20 Arrival at the monastery after a 2 hours and 10′ climb, with no shade and the sun burning my neck. Taking a rest now at the old vaulted well from the 16th century.. Perfect view on the Ida again..This monk (there is only one) lives in total peace.. A small sesame bar with honey and I leave Odigitria at 11.45 for Listaros. Is is asphalt road now.

12.40 Arriving at the village. Small semi-mountain village. Lots of houses have been renovated recently. Suddenly a white car stopped and a woman asked me if I was Ivan. I said yes..Her name was Suzanna, living with her husband Gerhard and her dog Samba (she took the dog from “The Haven”) in Listaros. She gave me 10 Euro to support my trip. She also gave me a message for Gayner. Nice woman, with the heart on the right place ! On the road to Sivas I noticed a lot of orchid “Italica” and “pappilonacae” as well as some nice iris.

13.15 arrival at Sivas, where I was yesterday looking for an internet connection.. Nice village and very well maintained. I called Eddy and Caroline, and they explained how to find them in Pitsidia.

14.20 I found their nice, renovated house, overlooking part of the village. In the evening Eddy made a nice meal and we met some friends of them, Aafje, Max and Martine, living in Agia Deka.. Yannis my webmaster, and a friend of Eddy and Caroline, joined also the “company’. Before dinner, the “Pitsidia Belgians” drove me to a point of view where we faced a wonderful sunset..!! Waw ! It was a lovely evening and a quiet night.. See you all later folks, for the walk to the Psiloritis (my favorite), in June !

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