Walk from Chora Sfakion to Loutro

Walk around Crete in 50 days – Day 28 from Chora Sfakion to Loutro via Anopolis

From Sweet Water Beach to Anopolis to Loutro

Steps 20602
Burned calories 892
Distance 15,6 km
Hours walking 03h19’
Pulse at arrival 82
Weather: Very sunny, hot Average 26C

Woke up at 07.00 after a quiet night. Some goats were passing our tents around 05.00..At a distance we could hear falling stones..Like thunder ! Alan made good coffee and we had some biscuits.

08.30 we left Sweet Water beach for Anopoli. A hard and difficult climb for about 9 km. Along the winding road we had superb views on Sfakia and the coastline. Apart from this, the road is a bit boring.

Arrival at Anopoli at about 10.30 where we drank coca cola and water with fresh yogourt and honey (home made).The lady of the “Panorama” taverna was very friendly and helpful. Nice and quiet life there, together with the grandchildren. Men are all shepherds and controlling their herds during the day. In the evening they all socialise in the local cafenions in Sfakia.

12.15 We leave Anopoli and start going down towards Loutro via the small and winding path. Very difficult, slippery with many loose stones. But spectacular view on the Loutro bay and old Venetian castle. Climbing from Loutro to Anopoli is much better. Or just take the E4 path from Sfakia, over Sweet Water Beach. You must be strong on your feet to go down from Anopoli !

Finally at 14.00 we arrived in Loutro. I’ll sleep in “Kri-Kri”, Nikos place. The overnight is offered by Arno and Baukje, from Holland. Thanks very much, folks, we’ll meet in Loutro in September ! Alan and Andy are going to camp somewhere at a beach towards Roumeli. I’ll meet them tomorrow. I had a fantastic meal (together with my friends in the afternoon).

At 19.30 another meal with some good “Kourtaki” wine..As I walk through the village, I only smell paint.. Everybody is painting and reparing for the new season! only blue and white !
Fishermen are fixing their boats and nets. Loutro is getting nervous! Season is starting.

21.00 I return to Kri Kri.. I wonder if Andy and Alan found a nice place to camp. Many thanks to Nikos from Kri Kri for his excellent service ! We’’ll be back to enjoy this little paradise.

Kalinihta !

LINK: Loutro Photo Album, photos from the scenic village of Loutro

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