Walk from Kissamos to Kolimbari

Walk around Crete in 50 days – Day 37 from Kasteli Kissamos to Kolimbari

kissamos to kolimbari

Steps 29694
Burned calories 1079
Distance 22,6 km
Walking time 04h 00′
Pulse at arrival 78
Weather: Cold in the morning, later warmer (22C) Heavy clouds in the afternoon
and little wind. Average 17C

Woke up at 07.30 Cloudy and cold, only 13c. The wind dropped last night, but is slowly coming back again.. Breakfast and coffee (“nes” this time).

I left Kasteli Kissamos at 09.00 and out of the center I took the old road to Drapianas and Kolimbari.

09.40 Passing a small factory where they still make the traditional wine barrels, large and small ones..The old road is pretty busy (traffic), so watch out !

09.55 I am in Kaloudiana. Getting warmer now (17C) and almost no wind here. Lots of movement, the village lives (probably a lot with Kasteli Kissamos).I spot many barrel dogs, sometimes in a bad condition.. Talking to the locals about this is nearly impossible.. “Walking for Animals ?” “Are you crazy ?, Are you normal ? Eise Kala ?” are the only words I can get out of them.. If I point out how crazy they make their dogs by chaining them up, they look at me as I am coming from the moon ! We definitely need the authorities to do something about this “barrel” problem. In the center I find “The house of art” (E=mc2), realy nice and in front of a giant “platanos” tree. (must be very old).

10.30 Arrival at the center of Drapianas. Some tavernas, cafenions, rent rooms and a camping (at 1 km on the beach – “Mitimna”). I stop at taverna “Kutoto” to drink my “elleniko sketto”. Drapianas is the village of the “lords and ladies”, the flower I mean.. You find them everywhere.. Big and beautiful. Despina , who works at Stuart’s office, calls me. She wants to pick me up on her way to Kolimbari… No, darling, I am walking, remember ? I will call her later when I am close to my destination. More cloudy now, but warmer (19C).

I leave the village at 10.50 and an old man (Manos) takes the local bus to pay his telephone bill in Kasteli.

11.10 I am in Koleni and followed by a small, lost dog…He is constantly by my side and looks for attention… What shall I do…? I decide to tolerate his company and think in the mean time… I call Gayner, ArcheNoah ? As I am passing a small cafenion, I ask if nobody knows this poor dog.. No, but an older man, Michalis, comes near me and asks me the dogs name.. I say “filos”, the name I gave him a few minutes ago… Can I keep it, he asks me again… My dog died two months ago… Of course, filos mou. I am very happy… Filos feels that he found a new home and moves his tale to thank me.. Bye, filos mou, you are ok now !

Leaving these lovely people, I met a couple, from Thessaloniki, working on the water collector, installing a new system to measure the water level. “02.53 m here” they say. “The highest level on Crete”.. I can understand them, because it is also my opinion.. From Paleochora to here, I saw lots of streaming rivers, lots of water everywhere ! Very green and fertile area..

12.50 Arrival at Plakalona, after almost one hour of climbing and winding road. Small mountain village but I spot no activity. Only farming here, I guess. The only shop is a “ceramic” shop and closed.

13.30 I am in Kalidonia, more lively and bigger, making advandage of Kolimbari. At the end of the village I turn left, at the junction to Chania, on the terrible “highway”, towards Kolimbari. If you are in this area, follow Chania, there is NO indication to Kolimbari at the junction.

14.30 Finally at destination, and leaving the “horror” road. I meet Pam and Wilf (they are supporting me on their website), living in the area for 10 years now, in the village of Astratigos. I am offered a beer (Mythos !) and they drive me back to Kasteli ! What a lovely couple.. Have a look at their site: www.cretanvista.co.uk You might find me there in the March or April news.. Despina does not have to come from Kasteli.. Realy nice. Wilf and Pam also sponsored my trip by donating to the “Hellenic Book service”.. Many greetings to Stelios from here !!

Back in Kastelli I prepared myself for the meeting with Stuart (www.crete-perfect-home.com), who accommodated me for two days). We join all together (with Jane and Steven, friends of Stuart) in taverna “Korakas”, owned by Catherina, a perfect host. Korakas is just at the beach in Kasteli. The place to be. I had “boureki” and some “octapodi”, everything fresh and very tasteful.. Orea parea ,with Stuart, Despina, Jane, Steven and Catherina ! A perfect evening in a cosy atmosphere..

Thank you, Stuart and Despina for taking care of me, and the excellent service !

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