Walk from Kolimbari to Platanias

Walk around Crete in 50 days, Day 38 from Kolimbari to Platanias

Kolimbari to Platanias

Number of steps 18260
Burned calories 678
Distance 13,8 km
Time 02h 31´
Pulse at arrival 94
Weather: Heavy clouds, wind, sometimes a bit of sun. Average 20C

Woke up at 07.00 and had some orange juice. At 08.30 Despina picked me up and drove me to Kolimbari. We drank coffee (me elleniko sketto) at Phaedra’s taverna (cross road in Kolimbari) and I left for Platanias at 09.30. I walked along the seaside, on the old (E65), but very busy, road to Chania. Cloudy, windy and 17C.

09.35 I am in Minothiana. Here starts the tourist area. Hotels, rent rooms, tavernas etc..None of them are open yet. 09.50 Passing the very beautiful (blue and white) church – 1899, but rebuilt in 1961 – of Skoutelonas and arriving in Rapaniana. Apts for rent, rent a car, hotels..lots of movement (new buildings)

10.10 Village of Kamisiana, small, lots of building workers..Heavy clouds, bit of sun and 21C.

10.30 The center of Tavronitis, busy, many people live and work here. Touristic village as well. All cars are parked on the footpath, I have to walk on the road.. Cafenions are packed.. I see many Venetian style, houses and bungalows, nicely renovated. Everywhere a palm tree in the front garden.

10.45 Entering Maleme, while walking on the old bridge over the Tavronitis river, built on old Venetian walls.

10.50 Passing the military zone of Maleme. A group of soldiers are training at the ,survival, plain.. Here is the air force base, walking paralel with the runway, spotting some old, in camouflage colors, “fighters”. Can’t resist to a fresh orange…

11.05 I am at the German Cemetery (World War 2), where about 4500 German (young) soldiers are buried. All of them where parachutists and died here on a raid at Maleme. It is a huge area, very well maintained..I feel cold..No more war again !! Spotting an internet cafe, I am going to send my last reports.

12.40 Walk on to Platanias. Maleme is a big village, lots of activity. Everywhere cars are parked on the foothpath..

12.50 I am in Pirgos Psilonerou. Rent rooms and some business activity.

13.05 Call from the Belgian (well known) newspaper “De Gentenaar” for interview about my walk around Crete. The journalist, Dieter Herregodts, will write an article in the coming edition, as I am original from Gent, hometown of the newspaper. In the meantime I pass the small, unfriendly (to me) village of Gerani, spotting some very old Venetian houses again..

14.10 Arriving in Platanias and waiting for Regina and Hans (from Achenoah). They will join me for a short walk and a meal in Platanias. Super welcome !! Later on they drove me to Costoula (16.30), the president of the ArcheNoah in Chania. Their two dogs joined us. (I like “mr Spock”). Costoula’s house is just at the seaside. She lives there alone with her 9 dogs…Amazing woman, she is an architect, dedicating her life to the animals. Arche Noah (like The Haven) works hard to improve the situation for strays on the island of Crete. In no time we have some home made wine and smoked salmon ! Perfect host !

Costoula shows me my room. A hot shower and we start a long conversation about animal welfare on Crete.. Believe me, it is a hell of a job, working against non-understanding authorities etc… But they will succeed.

Sitting by the open fire, Costoula shows me the plans of the newly built animal shelters in Nerokourou (I will visit them tomorrow), as well as all the official papers about the organization ArcheNoah on Crete. All is perfect and legal. I’ll help where I can, after my walk, starting with “The Haven”..

It will be a peaceful night, with the sea almost at the edge of my bed !

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