Naturists’ Beaches in Crete

List of naturists’ beaches in Crete

– On the north coast of Crete there is a naturist’s beach in Hersonissos, 1 km west of “Kreta Maris” hotel. It’s a very small beach right under the road. A pretty place but don’t expect any privacy there.

– On the East and West coasts there are no beaches considered as a “naturist’ s” place. However if you locate a small bay and there is no one there, then it’s up to you. Finding secluded beaches becomes more difficult every year and it depends also on the month of the year and the day of the week. As a general rule, avoid August and weekends.

– Along the south coast there are enough selections but no one can say if they will still exist next year. Most of the times a recently built tavern (restaurant) appears together with a ” no nudism” sign and the previously magnificent beach turns out to a noisy place. Some possible selections are:

– In Paleochora, a part of the great western beach is occupied by naturists. Walk along the beach until you locate the right spot. Don’t expect any privacy though.

– The eastern part of the beach of Sougia. Sougia is one of my favorite places as there is a great beach and many trekking routes. It also is the best place to stay if you want to cross Samaria Gorge; early in the morning you take the local bus to Omalos Plateau, go through the gorge and then take the afternoon ferry from Agia Roumeli to Sougia. There are many rooms and taverns here, as well as a couple of bars; however it is by no means a noisy place.

– Glyka Nera close to Loutro. It’s one of the best selections and there is also a small tavern.

glyka nera beach

Orthi Ammos (the eastern part of the beach) , 1 km east of Frangokastello. It is a pretty and quiet place with a great Venetian Castle. They say that the ghosts of the Cretan warriors defending the castle against the Turks appear here on May, early in the morning.

– The east part of the beach of Plakias is usually occupied by naturists. It is a long sandy beach with facilities.

Mikro Amoudi beach, east of Plakias. Drive to the bay of Damnoni and then go left and follow the track to a small cove with sunbeds. The small beach is for naturists only.

– West of Ligres. Drive through Kerames and Agalianos down to Ligres beach, then walk west to the next one. There is a tavern with 4 rooms to let in Ligres.

– West of Agios Pavlos. Drive through Sakturia to Agios Pavlos; just before Agios Pavlos there is a track turning west. Drive to the end of the road and then walk down the sand-hill (lots of fun !!!) to the long, isolated beach. There are taverns and rooms in Agios Pavlos.

– East of Agia Galini, right after the river. Agia Galini is a big village with hotels, restaurants, bars and a camping.

– Kommos. Drive past Festos to Pitsidia and finally Kommos. It’s a magnificent place and you may see the excavation of an ancient city right before the beach. Kommos beach is a birthplace for Caretta-Caretta (Mediterranean sea-turtle) and you are not allowed to spend the night there. The spots protected by wire-frames are their nests. In the south part of the beach there is a tavern and lots of sunbeds. If you want to swim in the nude then you have to go to the north part but it is very likely that there are going to be many non-nudists too. I am afraid that this gorgeous place is soon to be forbidden for naturists.

– Kokkini Ammos beach. It is south of Matala and there is a 30 minutes path leading there from inside the village.

– Ayiofarango (the gorge of the Saints); a great place involving some hiking too. It’s a bit complicated to get there.

Diskos or Dytiko, west of Lentas. There are rooms and several taverns here; more are in Lentas.

Psili Ammos. Just before Lendas turn left and follow the track to Loutra, drive past the beach and up the hill where you will notice a deep gorge. Leave your car there and follow the path descending the gorge; after 20 minutes you will be in one of the prettier places of Crete. It’s a great place to camp but there is no shadow at the beach and you have to carry lots of water.

psili ammos beach

– On the islands of Cryssi in Ierapetra (south-east) and Gavdos (south-west) there are beaches for naturism.

– Finally, there is one naturists’ resort in southern Crete: Hotel Vritomartis in the area of Sfakia or Chora Sfakion.

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Is naturism legal in Crete and Greece?

Officially, naturism is not allowed in Crete and Greece. However every secluded beach, especially along the southern coast, can be a place where you may enjoy naturism.

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