Diary of 15 crazy days in Hersonissos Crete

15 crazy days in Hersonissos – A diary by Cam and Jeanette

17 th of May 2001

The flight to Heraklion was a very early morning flight (05:15 am), not even the shuttle buses to the airport had woken up.
Lucky us the crew at the flight gave us really good service, special thanks to Timmy at Novair. ;-)
The trouble with the “airport transportation” continued at Heraklion. Since we never prebook transfer and usually go by taxi, we faced a problem: TAXI STRIKE!
After running around like dizzy hens we finally met a nice taxidriver who was heading towards Hersonissos.

At 12:30 we finally arrived at Hersonissos!!!
We unpacked as fast as possible and we went for a walk to Hersonissos center. We bought some breakfast and some beverage and we were invited to Dika for a Frappe. Afterwards we returned to our apartment and tried to have a siesta. Big failure!, as we both looked forward to our first afternoon in Hersonissos.

We went out again and said Hi to our closest friends, which means the staff at Quarto, Players and NRG.
Home at about 4 o’ clock with Everest-pizza in our stomachs, rather tipsy.

Quarto Hersonissos

May 19 (Happy birthday Sofia!)

Boring day, very hot! Took dips in different pools and went for a Frappe at “Yannis bar”, Star Beach. Didn’t help at all, we were still bored! So bored that we walked to the T-shirt factory on the Main road and made t-shirts to honour two special bartenders and their hometowns. The t-shirts were very appreciated among our friends and they had some good laughs.
Only the girls noticed that Jeanette had a fake ponytail, the men thought her hair had grown during the day…………..

May 20

A Cloudy Day! Finally we could sleep late!
We went to the Internet cafe, bought a fishing-rod and had a marvellous Lasagna dish at Restaurant Da Rafaello.
This night we visited old friends at Black Cactus and Blarney Stone. (www.irish-bar.com)
Also went to Quarto and borrowed two capguns which amused us for the rest of the evening so much, that we wanted to have our own.

May 21

Riddle: What is white and dusty, in Hersonissos, new for this year and gets stuck on clothes?

Please, mail the answer because we don’t know and our clothes looked REALLY dirty.

May 22

Another cloudy day. Spent a long time in Kasavetis Shopping Center looking for capguns without success.
Zacharias took us under his protective wings and promised to get them for us. Such a sweetie!

NRG club hersonissosMay 23

BBQ at the pool with our friends. We had meatballs, marinated meat and chicken (the men took care of the bbq…), had nice wine and meal, swimmed and played in the pool. Very lovely day!
In the evening we got the capguns from Zacharias that we had been longing for and we had fun with them the rest of the holiday.

May 24

Wrote postcards and had the famous Spaghetti Bolognese at Star Beach. Old friends from Norway arrived (Hei norske jenter!), and we had a drink at “Yannis poolbar”.
In the evening we had a drink with Yannis, the webmaster and his friend from Denmark, later we where party-animals together with Manos, the bartender of NRG club.

May 25

So cold today that a jeans jacket proved necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We went to the Acropolis supermarket and did some shopping both for us and for Quarto.
Since the newly-hired bartender at NRG – Manos – turned out to be a real partypleaser we continued the party with him this evening also.

TNT club HersonissosMay 26

Sunshine and HOT! A Star Beach-day!
We were, for the first time in our lives, laying on a sunbed facing the big bar! Felt really wild and crazy!! Jeanette got company by two guys from Australia (Heathy and Alex) and one from Greece. (Yannis) Real nice mates!!
Promised to visit the bars where they worked, TNT and Mapona Bar, later in the evening, which we did.
A flirt-situation came up between Heathy and Jeanette. (Time will tell….)

May 27

NRG had a big party at/with Star Beach. DJ Shane and DJ Nick played. ( Pictures at: www.dj-nick-b.com/start ) Great music, great fun, great weather… great day!


Sun today again, yippie!
Met Gabby at Star Beach who had arrived earlier that morning from Holland to work at Quarto once again.
Had dinner at OPA with our three favourite girls. (Love to you!!)
Nightlife at the bar-street, we visited friends at Elliniko, Banana, Alarm, TNT, Havana and Mapona.
Do we need to tell you that we had a few whiskey shots???
Cam had nightfood and went home, Jeanette was walked home by Heathy.
bar hersonissos
bars hersonissos

May 29

Tried the fishing-rods at the pier. Nice to be sitting in the silence and fish again.
I Caught a “kefalos” (grey mullet) and according to a greek fisherman it was eatable so we had it for dinner. Real nice and tasty with vegetables, tzatziki and fresh lemon juice.

hersonissos port

This night Jeanette walked Heathy home and spent the night there……..

love in Hersonissos

May 31

The unavoidable last day!!!
Met Jeanette at the hotel, we packed and moved our luggage to Heath and Yannis for the rest of the day.
We acted like recycled teenagers at Star Beach and sunbathed topless. (Last time it happened was 1990, Spetses) Tried to catch as much sun as possible this last day.
According to reliable sources (my mum) it was +4 in Sweden. Didn’t wanna go home at all!!!!!

Jeanette and Heathy, who had fallen in love, had earlier that day tried to get him on our flight back to Sweden.
At 18 o’ clock they got a positive answer from the travel agency, so he bought a one-way ticket to Sweden.
Guess if his friends were surprised???
The three of us had our last dinner for this time at OPA and said bye-bye to all our beloved friends. (See you in September)
As always, two great weeks!!

Over and out! Cam

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