Hersonissos Nightlife, Bars, Clubs in Hersonissos

Hersonissos by night – Bars and Clubs in Hersonissos

Who ever you are, what ever you would like to do, whatever kind of music you like…it’s there for you! There is something for everybody in Hersonissos. Believe us!! We don’t even know where to start!

The city of Hersonissos is plain party. During the season it changes its character depending on the age of the visitors. We, who unfortunally turned 30, prefer early and late season like the families traveling with children. For the younger: July and August are yours, but take care of the staff at the bars, they work hard for many months to please us!

After a nice meal I’m sure you start to look for some kind of bar or club. Wherever you are in Hersonissos there’s a bar just around the corner.

To mention one bar-tour, this is what we do usually do:
We start at Amadeus on the Main Road of Hersonissos, a small and cozy bar (Hi Uwe!) and then we walk along the main road and visit Black Cactus for a drink. (Is it still raining men???). We cross the street and go inside Quarto where there is also a great restaurant: “Opa”.

(To the staff at Quarto:, prepare two Sambucas and two Ouzo-colas… and Zach, please put on the air-condition!)

Hersonissos nightlife

After we have enjoyed the great music at Quarto, we continue on the main road and turn right next to Mc Delly’s burgers and check out the Blarney Stone where you may sometimes sing karaoke or dance to irish music.

Next to Blarney, there’s a small alley where Player’s is situated. (Have 1drink, get 1 for free, have 2 get 2 for free, have 4, get drunk)

bars in Hersonissos

Later on our walk on the “Bar street” along the sea (Agias Paraskevis street), we stop at the bars that play good music at that moment.

At the end of the Bar street, by the harbor, we just have to visit Barfly (Hugs to you Thomas!) before we start to walk back and this time take a stop at Ellíniko. (Dear bartender, may I view the frog?) You won’t have a problem to find “your” favorite bar, we have a couple….

Chersonissos, Crete, nightlife

At the other end of Bar street, close to New York and Camelot Club, we hit our final destination: NRG (Energy Club)!

Party, techno music, great bartenders and they stay open all night until the “last guest has left.

(Nikos; I’ll bring you a minimag light this year, promise / Jeanette)

Chersonissos clubs

To make it through the night we drink plenty of water with all our drinks and to make it through the next day, we have some nightfood before we go to sleep.You can have whatever you like; pizza, hamburgers, stuffed pancakes, gyros, souvlaki, etc.

If you want to take it a bit cooler, go to the villages up on the hills, right above Hersonissos. Koutouloufari, Piskopiano amd Ano Hersonissos offer more quiet bars and great restaurants with an amazing view.

Hersonissos map

map of Hersonissos, Koutouloufari and Piskopiano

I’m sure you will all find your own favorite places, just like we have and I know you’ll all have a wonderful time in Hersonissos.

Cam, as always with a lot of help from Jeanette.

PS1. To all our friends in Hersonissos: Miss you like crazy and see you soon!!

PS2. Check the Nightlife in Hersonissos photos!

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