Malia Beach Guide

Every beach in Malia

There are many beaches both in Malia and around it and this map will help you to find all of them easily:

malia beach map
  • 1. Central Malia beach
  • 2. Sun beach
  • 3. Tropical beach
  • 4. Small beach with no umbrellas
  • 5. Potamos beach
  • 6. Several beaches along the road from Malia to Stalis

The central beach in Malia

Malia village panorama

The nearest beach in Malia is the one at the end of the beach road, 1 kilometre from the centre of Malia (Agios Nektarios church).

It is a long, sandy beach extending about 600 metres east, lined with seaside bars. Opposite is the islet with the tiny church of Agioi Pantes (All Saints).

Malia village panorama

The same beach viewed from the east. You can see how long this beach is. You will also notice that things get much quieter close to the east end of the beach.

Sun beach in Malia

Malia sun beach panorama

Moving east, the next beach you come to is Sun Beach. It is 2.5 kilometres from the centre of Malia and is an organised beach with bars and a children’s pool.

Tropical beach in Malia

tropical beach in malia

Continuing 500 years further east is Tropical Beach, immediately followed by a small bay without umbrellas and finally Potamos Beach (3.3 kilometres from the centre of Malia).

Potamos beach

Malia potamos beach panorama

The sandy Potamos Beach has a canteen and many umbrellas. If you prefer to swim or sunbathe without loud music from the bars, go straight to Potamos.

Potamos (river) beach is next to the archaeological site of Malia, so you can combine swimming with a visit to the Minoan Palace of Malia.

Beaches along the road from Malia to Stalis

West of Malia, along the Malia – Stalis road, you will see many signs to various beaches. The first ones are only a short distance from Malia, so you can walk there.

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